This page lists 3 films I saw in theaters in 1963. My movie database lists only films I see in theaters, not those I see on TV, videotape, DVD, or the internet. My culture page lists other cultural events.

I have vivid memories of many movies I saw during my childhood, but these are the first movies that I can connect to specific dates, during a 10-day Atlantic crossing at the start of my AFS exchange student year. I didn't think much of Hawks' Red River at the time, but I came to love John Wayne's Ford and Hawks movies a decade later. I loved one Hawks movie from the first time I saw it, long predating the auteur theory: Land of the Pharaohs, which I probably saw when it came out in 1955; screenplay by William Faulkner, who famously said "we could never figure out how a pharaoh was supposed to talk."

I have kept movie date/title/director data consistently since 1982, with additional details since 2010. I also have some incomplete data from earlier years.

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Date Title Director Year Theater City
08/19/63 Dr. No Terence Young 1962 SS Seven Seas At sea
08/23/63 Red River Howard Hawks 1948 SS Seven Seas At sea
06/22/63 Elektra Michael Cacoyannis 1962 SS Seven Seas At sea