Steve's 2021 photos

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Date Location Description
01/13/21 San Francisco SAN's birthday gift from DWN/KZL: bagels and fixin's from Wise & Sons.
02/03/21 San Francisco Pink blooms on Upper Noe tree.
02/20/21 San Francisco Views from walk on Laidley: downtown, Upper Noe.
03/09/21 San Francisco Start of work on Judith & Jenny's new deck.
03/14/21 Los Angeles The 63rd Grammys; Huffington Post photos with subsequent modifications.
03/16/21 San Francisco Ongoing work on Judith & Jenny's deck.
05/02/21 Arnold Cabin, Woody Bear, dogwood.
05/24/21 San Francisco Unusual rainbow (due to smokey air, maybe?) from Day St. tennis court.
06/01/21 San Francisco Flowers on Day near 29th.
06/05/21 San Francisco Sutro Heights, Land's End, Tank Hill with SAN/ASN/SEN. [A few photos by SAN but most by SEN.]
06/06/21 San Francisco Salesforce Park and Ferry Building with BSN/ASN/SEN on a quiet Sunday morning. Lots of reflections, a few plants, interesting textures. Ferry building stereograms, but too much foreground movement. Stereos
06/18/21 Sunnyside, Queens NY SAN/BSN/ASN meet their granddaughter/niece Hazel for the first time at Kristin/Devin's.
06/19/21 Astoria, Queens NY Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm (in LIC, not in Brooklyn) with BSN/ASN/DWN/KZL/HMLN. Stereos
06/20/21 Long Island City, Queens NY East River picnic in LIC with BSN/ASN, Fran/Joe, DWN/KZL/HMLN. Local Astoria fireworks from The Paper Factory. Stereos
06/21/21 Princeton NJ BSN, DWN/HMLN, MHR/Milton, Fran Lalka at AirBnB in Princeton.
06/22/21 Princeton NJ Downtown Princeton: Dowm Alley art project and campus with DWN/HMLN. AirBnB rental with family. . Stereos
06/23/21 Princeton NJ Princeton campus walk with everybody: BSN/ASN, DWN/KZL/HMLN, SEN/MHR/Milton. Stereos
06/24/21 Hamilton NJ Grounds for Sculpture with BSN/ASN/SEN, DWN/KZL/HMLN, Fran/Joe Lalka. Too much J. Seward Johnson II... Stereos
06/27/21 Sunnyside, Queens NY BSN/DWN/KZL/HMLN at Torsney Playround in Sunnyside.
07/25/21 San Francisco Pirates vs. Giants at Oracle with BSN on beautiful sunny afternoon. Panos
08/08/21 San Francisco Views from roof of 489 30th during open house, on the market for $4.7M, including downtown view Nancy's house at 1723/5/7/9 Noe (just behind 489 30th).
09/03/21 San Francisco Dogpatch with ASN/SEN: Crane Cove Park including giant lathe, Chase Center including Olafur Eliasson's Seeing spheres sculpture, Tubbs Cordage Rope Walk. By chance, Eliasson's sculpture officially opened earlier the same day. Mission view from McKinley Square (Vermont/22nd), but trees overgrown and air smokey. Stereos
09/18/21 Palo Alto Cecilia's 4th birthday party at Jessica's (a.k.a. Minnie's). [SAN/]BSN/ASN, Ruth[/Vergne], Josh/Georgia/Zara, [Jessica/Daniel/]Cecilia/David.
10/09/21 San Francisco Sally's room before redecoration, notably documenting trophies.
10/15/21 Venice At AirBnB rental with DWN/KZL/HMLN.
10/16/21 Venice Venice with BSN/DWN/KZL/HMLN.
10/17/21 Venice Venice with BSN.
10/18/21 Venice Walk in Venice with DWN/KZL/HMLN. Ice cream!
10/23/21 San Francisco Videos of Hazel's first steps.
10/30/21 San Francisco Interior of Kathy & Mark's beautiful Chattanooga St. victorian for a gamba/harpsichord house concert.
10/31/21 San Francisco Noe Valley pups decked out for Halloween (and one cat).
11/06/21 Arnold ASN in cabin kitchen during winterizing visit.
11/15/21 San Francisco SAN's office bookshelves, at preliminary stage of the big cleanup project.
11/18/21 San Francisco S.F. bears in shop at SFO.
11/21/21 Chicago IL Pup at Laura Segal/Steve's.
11/22/21 Chicago IL People mover at ORD.
12/04/21 San Francisco Salesforce Park with Fran & Joe Lalka.
12/07/21 Monterey
BSN with street accordionist.
Weston Gallery at night (closed).
12/08/21 Carmel
Bari's breakfast oatmeal, complete with bear.
Photos and videos of Monterey Aquarium jellies.
etc San Francisco Miscellaneous 2021 iPhone photos with datestamped filenames.
xfinity San Francisco Xfinity cable TV equipment return.