This directory contains scanned family photos, documents, and images of some US census pages. It's organized into subdirectories by individual. The family history pages give more details about people, referencing the images stored here.

I started taking digital photos in 2003, and I've kept them reasonably well organized (by date). But we have lots of earlier family pictures, some organized in photo albums and others jumbled in shoeboxes. And I've inherited my dad's slides, my parents' family pictures, and some of my wife's parents' pictures. These pages are an initial attempt at organizing the chaos; it's very much work in progress.

When I first started scanning old photos in 2003, I kept detailed logs, typically in a readme.txt file. Sometimes I also inserted EXIF comment tags with metadata into the .jpg. Now I keep most photo metadata in an info.csv file, including the caption that pops up when hovering over a thumbnail on an index page.

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