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23:34 EST | This is a collection of travel notes about various cities that I know and like.

Paris Travel

Most Novembers I manage to get to Paris for at least a few days. While the weather is never wonderful then, the lack of other tourists has the very distinct advantage that it makes you a welcome guest. For me the trade off is worth it. By good luck there are almost always some nice sunny days, and when it is gray there's always both the museums and the food to speak eloquently to you even if you don't know a word of French.

Philadelphia Travel

Philadelphia is my home town. For many of us it's a nice place to live, balancing affordability, access and alternatives in a happy way. Obviously, no one would mistake Philadelphia (or anyplace else, for that matter) for New York City. But The City is only a bit over an hour away when you feel the need to go there, and otherwise there are now lots of wonderful restaurants, some decent entertainment and some first-class museums and music to occupy your moments.

San Francisco Travel

My brother lives in San Francisco, so I have lots of excuses to go there. I'm glad. It a great place to have an excuse to visit.

New York Travel

What can you say about New York? The world's second largest city is more cosmopolitan than Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

Los Angeles Travel

I love both Los Angeles and San Francisco. I know it's not fashionable for people who are outside of LA to love it, but it's one of my favorite places to visit. A grand city of world scale. And the only disadvantage is that you have to be willing to drive around.

City Documents

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