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Ness Papers

22:03 EST | This is a collection of what might be called miscellaneous papers on various subjects.

Apple Fritters

(draft) This paper about Apple was written shortly after MacWorld Expo 2002. Some short comments have been added.

Commentary: RBIs

In July 2002 I wrote a paper discussing some of the really bad ideas that were floating around at that time. This parallel-ogue considers how these ideas have fared over the ensuing eight months.

Searls and Weinberger

Searls and Weinberger have written a paper called World of Ends. This is not a very good paper, but it has circulated widely and has received a lot of comment. I don't like the paper much, but given the wide circulation, this extends that comment.


In this paper, A Problem with Outlines, some `intellectual' problems associated with using an outline structure to manage the representation of thoughts for them to be processed in a useful way. While outlines are a commonly used representation for a collection of ideas, there are some distinct problems with using this particular vehicle for such a purpose.


In the Real-izations paper we tackle the fact that gradual experience with the web is now cumulating to the point that we can give up on some of the initial overly optimistic smoke and mirror which governed our naive views of this technology. A more sober assessment suggests that many of the dreams of the early adopters will prove to be just that---dreams---not likely to be usefully realized.

This paper contains some realizations that are occasioned by a growing experience with the Web. During the early stage of any new technology it is easy to be overly optimistic about what that technology is likely to allow and accomplish. As time passes. however, reality sets in, and the optimism has to give way to a more hardheaded realization of capabilities and likely futures.

Ness Papers

Apple Fritters
13 mar 2003 Some comments about Apple written shortly after MacWorld Expo 2002.
Commentary: RBIs
11 mar 2003 This is a commentary on my earlier paper Mid-Summer RBIs.
Commentary: World of Ends
10 mar 2003 This is a commentary on Searls' and Weinberger's paper World of Ends.
A Problem with Outlines
5 mar 2003 This paper discusses some of the problems associated with using outlines to represent thoughts.
7 feb 2003 This paper contains some realizations that are occasioned by a growing experience with the Web.

About Mind/Matter

* mind/matter started in 1963 as SONAMCO. Most of the principals have been, at various times, members of the faculty of MIT's Sloan School or of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. After several stages of evolution and corporate spin-offs it has become mind/matter.