Sutro Heights

Comstock Lode millionaire Adolph Sutro bought a rocky 22-acre undeveloped parcel overlooking the Pacific near Point Lobos in 1881 and bought the nearby Cliff House in 1883. He built a mansion and elaborate gardens on the site, opening the grounds to the public in 1883 as Sutro Heights. His heirs donated Sutro Heights to San Francisco in 1938 and the mansion was demolished in 1939. The property is now Sutro Heights Park, part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

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britton_592_b.png weidner_292_b.png scheff_134_b.png mitchell_210_b.png

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britton_1043_b.png muller_531_b.png

These cards show the Observatory above the parapet ("observatory" as in "structure commanding a wide view"; it was not an astronomical observatory).

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newman_V101_b.png weidner_002b_b.png pacific_u02_b.png

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