Set: Glos

Uncle Al (last name unknown, possibly Glos) sent the cards shown chronologically on this page to his nephews in Bellwood (Cook County) Illinois between 3/16/1909 and 11/10/1910. One of the cards is undated and unmailed.

rieder_u17.png unknown_25.png britton_1031.png
rieder_u17_b.png unknown_25_b.png britton_1031_b.png

Rieder-Cardinell, written 3/16/1909. Unknown publisher, postmarked SF 9/27/1909. Britton & Rey 1031, postmarked SF 11/04/1909.

cardinell_u02.png tivoli_2.png
cardinell_u02_b.png tivoli_2_b.png

Cardinell-Vincent, postmarked SF 11/10/1910. Tivoli, written but not mailed.

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