2022 cultural events

This page lists 18 cultural events I attended in 2022. Movies are listed on my films page, not here. The program index page displays thumbnails of all the printed program images. Cities are in California, except as noted.

The world opened up again in 2022 after two pandemic years.

I started keeping event data in the format used by this page in 2010, so data from 2010 to date is accurate. I started keeping appointment calendar data in .txt format in August 2005. I later extracted 2005-2009 event data ex post facto, so data for 2005 to 2009 is less complete and a bit less accurate. I have older pocket calendars and hard copies of event programs going back to 1963, but I have not yet scanned programs for years before 2010 or entered event data for most years before 2005.

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Date Category Description Performers Venue City Works
04/10/22 @ 15:00 Opera Snapshot 2022 West Edge Opera Atrium San Francisco Program Ahn: Remembrance
Rosse: Christina Doesn't Need Saving
Suleiman: The School for Girls who Lost Everything in the Fire
Kaulkin: Lilith
Cancino: The Dark Horse
03/20/22 @ 13:00 Chamber San Francisco Music Day Sierra Ensemble Green Room San Francisco Program Aldag: Trio
Özdemir: Chaopolis
11/05/22 @ 19:30 Concert Oregon Symphony David Danzmayr, conductor Schnitzer Portland OR Program Auerbach: Icarus
Kahane: The Right to Be Forgotten
Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 'Eroica'
03/21/22 @ 19:30 Chamber Earplay Earplay Atrium San Francisco Program Balter: á vis
Logan: A Certain Slant of Light
Catalan: Light, Smoke, and Siren Glow of Mist
Simon: Lickety Split
Skweres: Elusive Thoughts
Loggins-Hull: Homeland
Cardini: Deriva, in margine a una lotananza, dimentica
11/13/22 @ 16:00 Chamber Noe Music Julliard String Quartet Noe Valley Ministry San Francisco Program Beethoven: String Quartet in Bb, Opus 130
Widmann: String Quartet No. 8
Widmann: String Quartet No. 10 Cavatina
Beethoven: Grosse Fuge
05/09/22 @ 19:30 Chamber Earplay Earplay Herbst San Francisco Program Esmail: Nadiya
Garrop: Phoenix Rising
León: A Tres Voces
Conklin: I Am Not Prokofiev
Pelo: Abandoned
12/15/22 @ 19:00 Concert Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra Richard Egarr, conductor Herbst San Francisco Program Händel: Messiah
10/21/22 @ 19:00 Concert Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra Richard Egarr, conductor Herbst San Francisco Program Händel: Theodora
09/15/22 @ 13:30 Theater Confederates Oregon Shakespeare Festival Thomas Ashland OR Program Morisseau: Confederates
10/17/22 @ 19:30 Chamber Earplay Earplay Old First Church San Francisco Program Na: To the Ice Mountains
Lerdahl: Reflection
Sorey: For Fred Lerdahl
Imbrie: Dream Sequence
03/20/22 @ 12:00 Chamber San Francisco Music Day Earplay Atrium San Francisco Program Na: Weaving Variations
Josheff: Rag Wrung Dry
Simon: Lickety Split
09/14/22 @ 20:00 Theater Revenge Song Oregon Shakespeare Festival Allen Ashland OR Program Nguyen: Revenge Song
09/11/22 @ 16:00 Chamber Noe Music Merz Trio Noe Valley Ministry San Francisco Program Scotto: Sous les ponts de Paris
Boulanger, Lily: D'un vieux jardin
Fauré: Piano Trio
Ravel: Piano Trio
Bonis: Matin
Boulanger, Nadia: Heures Ternes
09/14/22 @ 13:30 Theater King John Oregon Shakespeare Festival Bowmer Ashland OR Program Shakespeare: King John
09/15/22 @ 20:00 Theater The Tempest Oregon Shakespeare Festival Allen Ashland OR Program Shakespeare: The Tempest
05/01/22 @ 16:00 Chamber Noe Music Friction Quartet/Sarah Cahill Noe Valley Ministry San Francisco Program Stoffregen: The Gila
Dvorak: String Quartet 'American'
León: Ethos
Andres: Piano Quintet
06/23/22 @ 10:30 Rehearsal San Francisco Symphony Vikingur Ólafsson, piano
Esa-Pekka Salonen, conductor
Davies San Francisco Program Stucky: Radical Light
Adams: Must the Devil Have All the Good Tunes?
Sibelius: Symphony No. 5
10/23/22 @ 14:00 Opera Verismo Opera Verismo Opera Bay Terrace Vallejo Program Verdi: Il trovatore