Chinatown: Tin How Temple

The cards on this page show Tin How Temple ("joss house") on Waverly Place, including both pre-quake and post-quake images.

unknown_56a.png unknown_56.png weidner_593.png
unknown_56a_b.png unknown_56_b.png weidner_593_b.png

The image on these cards shows pre-quake Tin How Temple at 33 Waverly Place. An earlier Unknown publisher 39 dated 8/03/1901 has the correct caption "Exterior of Chinese Joss House"; the caption "Chinese Restaurant" on two of these cards is incorrect.

souvenir_4634a.png souvenir_4634.png muller_514.png
souvenir_4634a_b.png souvenir_4634_b.png muller_514_b.png

Pre-quake Tin How Temple also appears in an Arnold Genthe photo.

piltz_070.png piltz_065.png
piltz_070_b.png piltz_065_b.png

These linen era cards show post-quake Tin How Temple (same location, now 125 Waverly Place) exterior and interior. The top floor also appears on Unknown publisher RPPC.

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