PHP images

As I wrote the Screensavers page, I realized I could port my old code that renders the Mark Williams logo and Frank Stella pictures from C to PHP with only a little effort. I enjoyed the process, so I later coded a few more images in PHP, as shown below.

Translation for non-programmers: all the images on this page are generated by small programs written in the programming language PHP, using its GD graphics library. Program options specify the desired image size and colors. The details of a rendered image may vary depending on its options; for example, the keyboard shows increasing detail with more accurate scaling at larger image sizes.

Click on any image to see a larger version. For several images, colors are chosen at random by default, so hitting the reload button on your browser (or clicking here) changes the colors of some images on this page. Append ?help to the image URL to see a help message; you can specify size, colors, and other options as arguments.


The Gosper curve (see its Wikipedia entry). The curve shown at right is of order 3, while the curve tiling the background of this page is of order 4. Rendering an order 7 Gosper curve takes some time.


The keyboard of our venerable Baldwin L piano.


Tennis, anyone?


Nine geometric paintings by Frank Stella.


A color gradiation check pattern, useful for tiling. My inspiration: the shirt I was wearing when I wrote the code.


An op art pattern, inspired by a laser cutter version in PostScript (see my laser-cut objects page).


The Earplay logo. The rotated 'e' in the Didot TrueType font used by PHP looks much worse than the 'e' in the original Earplay logo.


The yin-yang.


The American flag.