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This page displays postcards published ca. 1906 to 1910 by San Francisco stationers I. Scheff & Bros. (see Publisher: Scheff). Some images are from postcards in my collection (captions shown as links), but other images are downloaded from the internet, so image quality varies and for some cards no image of the back is available. Caption listings are not precise transcriptions. The date is the earliest written or postmark date on a card; for most cards, the list shows the earliest example I have found. Stock numbers are on the front of some cards and on the back of others. Cards with no stock number or illegible stock number are listed in alphabetical order at the bottom. This list currently includes San Francisco and Bay Area cards but does not include Central Valley and Oregon cards.


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Front Back Number Caption Date Comment
p023.png p023_b.png 23 Salon 1907
p028.png p028_b.png 28 Pike Memorial 07/26/1906 stock number uncertain
p052.png p052_b.png 52 Memorial Court and Chapel, Stanford University
p061.png p061_b.png 61 Firescene from Lafayette Park 07/26/1906
63 St. Dunstans Hotel stock number unclear
p067.png 67 Looking towards Market St. 04/25/1907
scheff_073.png scheff_073_b.png 73 Looking north, California St. near Hyde St.
scheff_075.png scheff_075_b.png 75 Breadline, corner Jackson & Laguna Sts.
p077.png p077_b.png 77 Looking south from Grant Ave. & Post St. 07/26/1906
p079.png 79 South of Market St. looking north 08/20/1906 caption incorrect
p082.png 82 Running the first Street Car
scheff_088.png scheff_088_b.png 88 Mission St. near 21st 04/03/1908
scheff_091.png scheff_091_b.png 91 Van Ness Ave., looking north from Geary St. cf. u08
scheff_093.png scheff_093_b.png 93 Fillmore St., South from O'Farrel St.
scheff_094.png scheff_094_b.png 94 Looking West McAllister St. at Fillmore
p100.png p100_b.png 100 Market St. betw. 3 d. & 4 th St. Aug. 1905 10/26/1907
101 Montgomery St. July 1905
103 Market & Post Sts. April 1905
p104.png p104_b.png 104 Kearny St. June 1905 03/24/1910
p106.png p106_b.png 106 Bush St. April 1905
p109.png p109_b.png 109 Chutes, The 07/18/1910
p114.png p114_b.png 114 Mission Dolores, founded 1776
p117.png p117_b.png 117 City Hall in Ruins
p118.png p118_b.png 118 Street in Chinatown, before the fire
121 Market St. showing Palace Hotel
p123.png p123_b.png 123 Scene in Golden Gate Park in Midwinter 10/16/1907
scheff_132.png scheff_132_b.png 132 Sutro Baths Promenade 08/02/1908
133 Sutro Baths
scheff_135.png scheff_135_b.png 135 Cliffroad and Beach, from the Cliffhouse 11/17/1908
p138.png p138_b.png 138 Entrance to Golden Gate 11/24/1908
142 Telegraph Hill. April 6, 1906 04/27/1909
p145.png p145_b.png 145 San Francisco
150 Sutro Baths stock number uncertain
p153.png p153_b.png 153 Fairmont Hotel 09/02/1908
p154.png p154_b.png 154 Laurel Court, Fairmont Hotel
scheff_155.png scheff_155_b.png 155 Cliffhouse, destroyed by fire Sept. 7, 1907 06/19/1909
p156.png p156_b.png 156 Burning of Cliffhouse 05/11/1908
scheff_159.png scheff_159_b.png 159 Wrecked Homes, 9th and Brannan Sts. 03/15/1908
p160.png 160 Street scene during the conflagration
162 Burning of San Francisco
p163.png p163_b.png 163 Burning of San Francisco from Telegraph Hill
p166.png p166_b.png 166 Hall of Justice, destroyed Apr. 18, 1906
pu16.png pu16_b.png Car Service
City Hall stock number illegible
Golden Gate Ave., near Webster stock number illegible
scheff_u01.png scheff_u01_b.png Greetings from San Francisco novelty card; flap with six minipages inside; see foldout
pu19.png pu19_b.png Greetings from SF 09/20/1906 multiview
pu23.png pu23_b.png Greetings from SF | Ellis St., Hotel St. Francis
pu21.png pu21_b.png Greetings from SF | Mission Garden, Santa Barbara postmark year illegible
pu09.png pu09_b.png Greetings from SF | Birds Eye View from Spreckles Bldg. 06/17/1908
pu25.png pu25_b.png Greetings from SF | Main Gate, Sutro Heights 03/22/1909
pu26.png pu26_b.png Hall of Records, Woodland postmark date illegible
pu02.png pu02_b.png Health from San Francisco 11/01/1907
pu27.png pu27_b.png 'Jumbo', Big Tree Grove, Santa Cruz
pu17.png pu17_b.png Loving Greeting from San Francisco 02/09/1908
pu04.png Market Street March 23, 1905
scheff_u03.png scheff_u03_b.png Market Street in fifty years postmark year illegible (1907?)
pu06.png pu06_b.png Market St. looking east from 6th stock number illegible
pu07.png pu07_b.png Overton Hotel, Santa Rosa 12/12/1908
pu12.png pu12_b.png San Francisco 09/29/1906 multiview
pu24.png pu24_b.png San Francisco | Panoramic View 06/17/1907 multiview
pu03.png pu03_b.png San Francisco multiview
pu18.png pu18_b.png San Francisco multiview
scheff_u04.png scheff_u04_b.png San Francisco's Future cf. 91
pu20.png pu20_b.png The whole Family sends Greetings 08/07/1906
pu22.png pu22_b.png This is the Cliffhouse 09/14/1906
Union Square Park
View from Telegraph Hill March 31, 1906
Young San Francisco sends best greetings

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