P.P.I.E.: Weidner Albertype

Weidner's beautiful 1915 P.P.I.E handcolored postcards were issued by The Albertype Co. (Brooklyn, NY). Examples of the same card differ substantially in coloring, as shown on P.P.I.E.: Weidner Albertype Variants.

weidner_ppie_23.png weidner_ppie_03a.png weidner_ppie_22.png
weidner_ppie_23_b.png weidner_ppie_03a_b.png weidner_ppie_22_b.png

Weidner PPIE 23: Court of the Universe. Weidner PPIE 3: Tower of Jewels. Weidner PPIE 22: Court of the Universe.

weidner_ppie_05.png weidner_ppie_07.png weidner_ppie_01.png weidner_ppie_04a.png
weidner_ppie_05_b.png weidner_ppie_07_b.png weidner_ppie_01_b.png weidner_ppie_04a_b.png

Weidner PPIE 5: In the Court of Four Seasons. Weidner PPIE 7: Palm Avenue. Weidner PPIE 1: Palace of Fine Arts. Weidner PPIE 4: Peristyles—Palace of Fine Arts.

weidner_ppie_12.png weidner_ppie_11.png weidner_ppie_02.png weidner_ppie_06.png
weidner_ppie_12_b.png weidner_ppie_11_b.png weidner_ppie_02_b.png weidner_ppie_06_b.png

Weidner PPIE 12: In the South Gardens. Weidner PPIE 11: Palace of Liberal Arts. Weidner PPIE 2: Court of Four Seasons. Weidner PPIE 6: Fountain of Ceres. Court of Four Seasons.

weidner_ppie_50.png weidner_ppie_51.png weidner_ppie_18.png
weidner_ppie_50_b.png weidner_ppie_51_b.png weidner_ppie_18_b.png

Weidner PPIE 50: The California Building. Weidner PPIE 51: The Court of the Universe. Weidner PPIE 18: The California Building.

weidner_ppie_41.png weidner_ppie_32.png weidner_ppie_36.png weidner_ppie_29.png
weidner_ppie_41_b.png weidner_ppie_32_b.png weidner_ppie_36_b.png weidner_ppie_29_b.png

Weidner PPIE 41: Palace of Horticulture and Towers, Night Illumination. Weidner PPIE 32: Peristyles—Palace of Fine Arts, Night Illumination. Weidner PPIE 36: Court of Four Seasons, Night Illumination. Weidner PPIE 29: Festival Hall, Night Illumination.

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