Chinatown: Before the Earthquake (1)

Postcards on this page and on the next two pages show Chinatown before the 1906 earthquake and fire.

amer_souvenir_09.png weidner_035d.png weidner_014.png weidner_031.png
amer_souvenir_09_b.png weidner_035d_b.png weidner_014_b.png weidner_031_b.png

Pre-1906 Chinatown as presented to the tourist: street scenes, a joss house (temple), a restaurant, an opium den.

weidner_032.png weidner_033.png weidner_140a.png
weidner_032_b.png weidner_033_b.png weidner_140a_b.png

These cards are based on artfully staged photos © 1900 by Charles Weidner.

britton_485.png britton_540.png britton_493.png zimmerman_u03.png
britton_485_b.png britton_540_b.png britton_493_b.png zimmerman_u03_b.png

britton_478.png britton_488.png weidner_015a.png weidner_016.png
britton_478_b.png britton_488_b.png weidner_015a_b.png weidner_016_b.png

Exotically dressed Chinese children were a very popular subject for photographers and postcards, though they were a small portion of the population; the ratio of men to women in 1900 Chinatown is estimated as 20 to 1. These staid poses against plain backgrounds lack visual interest, in stark contrast to Weidner's cobbler / fortune teller / smoker postcards above.

weidner_034.png britton_563.png britton_561.png weidner_156.png
weidner_034_b.png britton_563_b.png britton_561_b.png weidner_156_b.png

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mitchell_024_b.png britton_491_b.png britton_516_b.png britton_512_b.png

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