Britton & Rey 493

britton_493.png britton_493_b.png

Publisher: Britton & Rey
Number: 493
Caption: Honeymoon of the Chinese
Type: undivided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 12/28/1903
Addressee: Mr. [damaged by album removal] Via Cesare Correnti 21 | Milano | Italy
Message: [Front:] Dz. 28/03 S.F. Cali [followed by message in Italian, not transcribed here]
Note: Mitchell 210 uses same image with additional figure added, caption 'A Happy Family in Chinatown'
Postmark: SF 12/dd/1903, NY 1/dd/1904, Milano 1/15/1904 [dates only partially legible due to card damage]
Comments: left edge torn, back damaged (was glued into album); Berattos set
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