Set: Berattos

The four early Chinatown cards shown chronologically on this page were sent by Maria Berattos from San Francisco to Milan between 2/03/1903 and 2/16/1904. The cards were glued into an album and then removed, so the backs are in poor condition and the name of the recipient is unknown.

britton_478.png britton_491.png britton_493.png weidner_032b.png
britton_478_b.png britton_491_b.png britton_493_b.png weidner_032b_b.png

Britton & Rey 478, postmarked 2/03/1903. Goeggel & Weidner 32, postmarked 3/01/1903. Britton & Rey 493, postmarked 12/28/1903. Britton & Rey 491, postmarked 2/16/1904.

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