Weidner 254

weidner_254.png weidner_254_b.png

Publisher: Weidner
Number: 254
Caption: Heart of city, one year after
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 07/03/1908
Addressee: Miss O Roesel | 198 Clinton St | Toronto | Ont Canada
Location: Temple Emanu-El tower lower right edge; Pine/Stockton bottom left; horse/cart on Bush btw. Stockton/Powell
Message: [Front:] Monday June 8th 1908 [Back:]San Francisco Cal July 3rd 1908 Dear Miss Roesel my Sister tells me that you are very desirous of a picture postal of the ruined district of San Francisco so here is one + I may send you some more later Yours W.E. Turner
Note: 'June 8th 1908' on front, 'July 3rd 1908' in message, 7/31/1908 postmark; another example postmarked 10/26/1907
Postmark: SF 7/31/1908
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