Restaurants 2019

This page lists 3 meals I ate in restaurants in 2019. Cities are in California except as noted, cost is per person including tip. I have kept complete restaurant data since 2010, though I generally don't list Costco shopping trip hot dog lunches or banh mi to go. In rare instances where a restaurant experience is particularly noteworthy, I post a review on Yelp under a pseudonym.

This page is dedicated to a few old favorites, gone but not forgotten: Elsie's, Kapok, Hsi Nan, El Tazumal, Cendrillon, Thanh Da.

Travel in 2019:

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Date Meal Restaurant City Cost
01/04/19 @ 12:30 Lunch El Buen Comer San Francisco 21
01/12/19 @ 12:00 Lunch Alma San Francisco
01/13/19 @ 19:30 Dinner Burma Ruby Palo Alto 60