Ali Akbar Khan Discography

This discography lists only the Ali Akbar Khan recordings I own; there are many others. The list is chronological by publication date (roughly; some dates are unknown). Some items are repackagings of older recordings. The cover of the 1964 Prestige LP misspells Khansahib's name as "Ali Akbar-Kahn", clearly he was not yet well known then.

See also: Khansahib: In memoriam

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Title Catalog Date Format Tabla Other musicians Ragas
tn_p29a.jpg Master Musicians of India Prestige 1078 1964 LP Kanall Dutta Ravi Shankar, sitar Palas Kafi
Bilaskhani Todi
tn_p12a.jpg Master Musician of India Connoisseur Society CS 462 1966 LP Mahapurush Misra Chandranandan
Gauri Manjari
tn_p11a.jpg Morning and Evening Ragas Connoisseur Society CS 1766 1966 LP Mahapurush Misra Goojjari Todi
Misra Mand
tn_p14a.jpg Anth. of Indian Music Vol. One World Pacific WDS-26200 1967 3 LPs Shankar Ghosh Basant Mookhari
tn_p13a.jpg Ali Akbar Khan Odeon S-MOAE 168 1967 LP Shankar Ghosh Medhavi
tn_p10a.jpg Pre-dawn to Sunrise Ragas Connoisseur Society CS 1967 1967 LP Mahapurush Misra Bairagi
Aheer Bhairow
tn_p09a.jpg The Forty Minute Raga Connoisseur Society CS 2008 1968 LP Mahapurush Misra Marwa
tn_p05a.jpg Ragmala Connoisseur Society CS 2011 1969 LP Mahapurush Misra Jogiya-Kalingda
Bhairavi Bhatiyar / Ragmala
tn_p08a.jpg The 80 Minute Raga Connoisseur Society CS 2012 1969 LP Mahapurush Misra Kanara Prakaar
tn_p07a.jpg Shree Rag Connoisseur Society CS 2015 1969 LP Shankar Ghosh Shree
tn_p16a.jpg Concert for Bangla Desh Apple STCX 3385 1971 3 LPs Alla Rakha Ravi Shankar, sitar Bangla Dhun
tn_p04a.jpg Bangla Desh Connoisseur Society CS 2042 1972 LP Shankar Ghosh Bhim Palashree
Misra Shivaranjani
tn_p06a.jpg Ali Akbar Khan
Nikhil Banerjee
Mahapurush Misra
Connoisseur Society CS 2055 1973 LP Mahapurush Misra Nikhil Banerjee, sitar Manj Khammaj
Misra Mand
tn_p03a.jpg Music for Meditation Connoisseur Society CS 2063 1974 LP Bilaskhani Todi
tn_p02a.jpg The Exotic Sitar and Sarod Capitol T10497 n.d. LP Alla Rakha Ravi Shankar, sitar Shree
Sindhu Bhairavi
tn_p01a.jpg Ethereal Duet Ganesh Records DRLS 4002 n.d. LP Zakir Hussain L. Subramaniam, violin
Ramnad V. Raghavan, mridangam
tn_p27a.jpg Sarod Vadan [Unidentified] n.d. Cassette [Unidentified] Multani
tn_p28a.jpg The Jewels of Maihar AAMP/CS82-3 1982 Cassette Mahapurush Misra Darbari Todi
Bhupali Todi
tn_p21a.jpg AAMP Signature Series Vol. 3 AAMP CD9404 1994 CD Mahapurush Misra
Shankar Ghosh
tn_p22a.jpg Morning Visions AAMP CD9406 1994 CD Mahapurush Misra Mian-ki Todi
Sindhu Bhairavi
tn_p20a.jpg Legacy AAMP 7216-2 1996 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Asha Bhosle, vocal [various]
tn_p18a.jpg Passing on the Tradition AAMP CD9608 1996 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Marwa
Puriya Kalyan
tn_p17a.jpg Duet RSMC-D-103 1993 CD Zakir Hussain L. Subramaniam, violin
Ramnad V. Raghavan, mridangam
Sindhi Bhairavi
tn_p19a.jpg From Father to Son AAMP CD0209 2002 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Alam Khan, sarod Puriya Dhanashri
tn_p25a.jpg Swara Samrat AAMP CD0310 2003 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Narayani Gauri
Chandra Dhani
tn_p23a.jpg Master Musician SaReGaMa CDNF 15010 2004 CD Zakir Hussain
Swapan Chaudhuri
Shankar Ghosh
Swapan Chaudhuri
Ahir Bhairav


One that got away (thankfully):
During graduate school, I owned the Connoisseur Society LP Flowers of Evil, with actress Yvette Mimieux reading poems from Baudelaire's Les fleurs du mal while Khansahib played. I really hated it. A friend hosted a ritual book burning (rationale: the Nazis gave book burning a bad name, but it would be cathartic to destroy works we hated), so I burned my copy of this Mimieux/AAK collaboration. I don't regret it. As I recall, others burned Gibran's The Prophet and Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull.