Ali Akbar Khan Discography

This discography lists 30 Ali Akbar Khan recordings I own. The list is chronological by publication date (roughly; some dates are unknown). A few items are repackagings of older recordings. The cover of the 1964 Prestige LP misspells Khansahib's name as "Ali Akbar-Kahn", clearly he was not yet well known then.

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Cover Title Catalog Year Format Tabla Other musicians Ragas
p29a.png Master Musicians of India Prestige 1078 1964 LP Kanall Dutta Ravi Shankar, sitar Palas Kafi
Bilaskhani Todi
p12a.png Master Musician of India Connoisseur Society CS 462 1966 LP Mahapurush Misra Chandranandan
Gauri Manjari
p11a.png Morning and Evening Ragas Connoisseur Society CS 1766 1966 LP Mahapurush Misra Goojjari Todi
Misra Mand
p14a.png Anth. of Indian Music Vol. One World Pacific WDS-26200 1967 3 LPs Shankar Ghosh Basant Mookhari
p13a.png Ali Akbar Khan Odeon S-MOAE 168 1967 LP Shankar Ghosh Medhavi
p10a.png Pre-dawn to Sunrise Ragas Connoisseur Society CS 1967 1967 LP Mahapurush Misra Bairagi
Aheer Bhairow
p09a.png The Forty Minute Raga Connoisseur Society CS 2008 1968 LP Mahapurush Misra Marwa
p05a.png Ragmala Connoisseur Society CS 2011 1969 LP Mahapurush Misra Jogiya-Kalingda
Bhairavi Bhatiyar / Ragmala
p08a.png The 80 Minute Raga Connoisseur Society CS 2012 1969 LP Mahapurush Misra Kanara Prakaar
p07a.png Shree Rag Connoisseur Society CS 2015 1969 LP Shankar Ghosh Shree
p16a.png Concert for Bangla Desh Apple STCX 3385 1971 3 LPs Alla Rakha Ravi Shankar, sitar Bangla Dhun
p04a.png Bangla Desh Connoisseur Society CS 2042 1972 LP Shankar Ghosh Bhim Palashree
Misra Shivaranjani
p06a.png Ali Akbar Khan
Nikhil Banerjee
Mahapurush Misra
Connoisseur Society CS 2055 1973 LP Mahapurush Misra Nikhil Banerjee, sitar Manj Khammaj
Misra Mand
p03a.png Music for Meditation Connoisseur Society CS 2063 1974 LP Bilaskhani Todi
p02a.png The Exotic Sitar and Sarod Capitol T10497 n.d. LP Alla Rakha Ravi Shankar, sitar Shree
Sindhu Bhairavi
p01a.png Ethereal Duet Ganesh Records DRLS 4002 n.d. LP Zakir Hussain L. Subramaniam, violin
Ramnad V. Raghavan, mridangam
p27a.png Sarod Vadan [Unidentified] n.d. Cassette [Unidentified] Multani
p28a.png The Jewels of Maihar AAMP/CS82-3 1982 Cassette Mahapurush Misra Darbari Todi
Bhupali Todi
p31a.png Rare Artists - Rare Ragas SNCD 21086 1986 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Darbari Todi
Mia Ki Sarang
Mishra Gara
p32a.png AAMP Signature Series Vol. 1 AAMP CD9001 1990 CD Mahapurush Misra Chandranandan
Gauri Manjari
Jogiya Kalingra
p21a.png AAMP Signature Series Vol. 3 AAMP CD9404 1994 CD Mahapurush Misra
Shankar Ghosh
p22a.png Morning Visions AAMP CD9406 1994 CD Mahapurush Misra Mian-ki Todi
Sindhu Bhairavi
p20a.png Legacy AAMP 7216-2 1996 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Asha Bhosle, vocal [various]
p18a.png Passing on the Tradition AAMP CD9608 1996 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Marwa
Puriya Kalyan
p17a.png Duet RSMC-D-103 1993 CD Zakir Hussain L. Subramaniam, violin
Ramnad V. Raghavan, mridangam
Sindhi Bhairavi
p33a.png All India Radio Archival Release V. 9 SICCD 112 1997 CD Manjh Khamaj
Madhumand Sarang
p19a.png From Father to Son AAMP CD0209 2002 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Alam Khan, sarod Puriya Dhanashri
p25a.png Swara Samrat AAMP CD0310 2003 CD Swapan Chaudhuri Narayani Gauri
Chandra Dhani
p23a.png Master Musician SaReGaMa CDNF 15010 2004 CD Zakir Hussain
Swapan Chaudhuri
Shankar Ghosh
Swapan Chaudhuri
Ahir Bhairav
p30a.png Evening Ragas / Live in S.F. AAMP CD1979 2019 CD Zakir Hussain Pahadi Jhinjhoti


One that got away (thankfully):
During graduate school, I owned the Connoisseur Society LP Flowers of Evil, with actress Yvette Mimieux reading poems from Baudelaire's Les fleurs du mal while Khansahib played. I really hated it. A friend hosted a ritual book burning (rationale: the Nazis gave book burning a bad name, but it would be cathartic to destroy works we hated), so I burned my copy of this Mimieux/AAK collaboration. I don't regret it. As I recall, others burned Gibran's The Prophet and Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull.