Norman Ness


My dad P. Norman Ness (7/18/1905 - 10/28/1987) was born in North Dakota, but moved to Starbuck MN at an early age. Starbuck had no high school, so he lived with a family in Morris while he attended Morris High School. He moved to Minneapolis after graduation.

After a brief time at Crown Iron Works, dad started as a secretary for International Milling Co. (later called International Multifoods, which eventually merged into Smuckers). He attended night law school but never passed the bar. During the depression, his pay was credited but not paid until the company had the money in hand. Over the following decades he became grain buyer, vice president, president, and finally chairman of the board.

Norman married my mom Eleanor Ness in 1935. They had three children: my brother David Ness, my brother Philip Ness who died in infancy, and myself.

Mom and dad lived in Minneapolis until dad retired in 1970. Then they moved to Laguna Beach for a couple years before returning to Minneapolis.

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