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Eleanor Ness
Eleanor in 1991

My mother Eleanor Julia Rubin Ness (9/04/1906 - 3/25/2004) was born in Boston MA, but moved to Minneapolis soon after. Her mother Nellie Rubin died when Eleanor was four, and her father George Rubin placed her with foster parents Emma Swanson and John Swanson. She attended West High School in Minneapolis.

Eleanor was working as a secretary at Washburn Crosby Co. (now General Mills) when she met my dad Norman Ness. They married in 1935 and had three children: my brother David Ness, my brother Philip Ness who died in infancy, and myself. She and my dad lived in Minneapolis until dad retired, then moved to Laguna Beach CA for a couple years, and then returned to Minneapolis. We moved mom to San Francisco when she was 93; she died in Daly City CA at 97.

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