Steve's 2009 photos

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Date Location Description
02/21/09 Guerneville CA Tour of Korbel winery with Maureen and Charles Rooney.
03/28/09 Woodside CA Flowers at Filoli Spring Fling. See also 4/26/09.
03/29/09 San Francisco Test images for macro lenses (Lincoln's eye from bill).
Palace of the Legion of Honor.
03/30/09 San Francisco San Francisco working at her laptop with Circus Bear.
Handheld Samsung HDTV images at bedroom, just foolin' around.
04/05/09 Cottage Springs CA
Bear Valley CA
Arnold CA
Snowy Sierra spring landscapes, including panoramas at Cottage Springs
and at Bear Valley.
Geese and ducks at White Pines Lake.
04/06/09 Arnold CA
Murphys CA
Angels Camp CA
Deer at cabin driveway, including Rudolph.
Downtown Murphys.
Altaville Protestant Cemetery: gravestones and flowers.
04/07/09 Murphys CA Main Street Murphys at 7:30, without cars.
04/11/09 San Francisco Noe Valley flowers, mostly closeups with +7 macro lenses.
Start in our backyard (including cut flower bouquet), then corner of 29th/Castro to Valley (bees!) to Noe to 27th to 29th.
04/12/09 San Francisco More Noe Valley flowers as above, mostly closeups with +7 macro lenses.
Down 29th to Noe to Valley to Sanchez to 24th to Noe to Army stairs to Duncan.
A couple long shots of downtown San Francisco and Bay Bridge from Duncan and Castro.
04/18/09 San Francisco SEN and friends with limo en route to Lowell Junior Prom [l to r]:
Timothy Crowley, Saif Shaikh, Kati Stubblebein, Johanna Kanes, Justine Fox, SEN, Rachel Baskin, Justin Bettman, Yonatan Rotman.
04/26/09 Woodside CA Flowers at Filoli again, this time almost all +7 macro closeups. See also 3/28/09.
05/10/09 Sacramento CA Mothers Day 2009 at Lee & Alan's beautiful garden.
ALS/LHS, Amanda/Pat/Archer, JLS/Debra/Alyssa/Jake, MKS/HWS/Will, BSN[/SAN].
05/13/09 San Francisco SPI SP2X tapeout celebration aboard Bay Lady on San Francisco Bay: Bay Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz.
Also: Rincon Center #1, Cupid's Span, AT&T Park.
05/17/09 San Francisco Walk in downtown San Francisco with ASN/BSN/[SAN] and Nicolas Tzortzis:
Powell Street, Grant Avenue / Chinatown, Coit Tower, Embarcadero.
05/24/09 Arnold CA Tennis ball (for BLS tennis webpage).
06/05/09 San Francisco Embarcadero and Bay Bridge. San Francisco Opera Tosca with Stefanie at AT&T Park.
but it came up with some funny white balance setting, resulting in very odd coloration for pictures p01-p38.]
06/12/09 San Francisco SEN and Jessica Fields in Star Dance recital at Herbst Theatre. Includes three short .avi videos as tests, remarkably successful.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
06/13/09 Alamo CA Justin Castro's high school graduation party at Debbie and Norma's.
The usual suspects: Castros (Debbie/Norma/Justin/Allie), Mogannems (Rana/Emile/Hannah/Shannon/Isaq), Fishes (Janet/Justin/Amanda), Jacklyn and Karen.
06/14/09 Healdsburg CA Around Healdsburg Plaza, Luis Burgos sculpture Desert Bloom at school, bridges across Russian River, abandoned railroad tracks, closeups of flowers, sculpture at Davis Family Vineyards.
06/25/09 Arnold CA Macro +7 closeups of flowers at Snowflake Lodge. Unfortunate vignetting at corners, probably because I put the macro lenses on over the ND filter rather than removing the filter.
06/26/09 San Francisco Ali Akbar Khan: LP covers, CD covers, program scans for memorial web page.
07/14/09 Kingsburg CA
Visalia CA
BSN with giant Sun Maid Raisin box at Sun Maid factory.
Downtown Visalia, notably Fox theater.
07/15/09 Venice CA Venice beach, including panorama. Venice canals and flowers.
07/16/09 Venice CA
Santa Monica CA
Pacific Palisades CA
Venice canals, including flowers.
Robot Maria from Metropolis in window of Jadis on Main Street.
Getty Villa Malibu.
07/17/09 Santa Monica CA
Los Angeles CA
Odd sculpture on CVS drugstore on Main Street.
Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehrey.
07/18/09 Pasadena CA Old Pasadena, including Green Apartments. Norton Simon Museum; see also earlier 12/29/05 pix, remarkably similar. Orchid at Debra and Jay's.
07/19/09 San Marino CA The Huntington Library, Gallery, and Botanical Gardens.
07/21/09 Mammoth CA
Mono Lake CA
Bodie NV
Gondola to top of Mammoth Mountain, with panoramas.
South tufa at Mono Lake, with panoramas.
Ghost town Bodie, with panorama of Sierra outside of town.
07/24/09 Arnold CA Tennis group potluck dinner at Don & Linda Stebbins', including baby Stellar's Jays in nest.
07/27/09 Sunnyvale CA SAN's cubicle and labs at SPI on moveout day.
08/02/09 Murphys CA E.C.V. plaque with bird's nest on top.
08/08/09 Arnold CA BSN [/SAN], ALS/LHS, Amanda/Pat/Archer at White Pines Lake beach.
08/21/09 Arnold CA BLS men's tennis at Snowshoe: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Jim Held, Lloyd Loeffler, Bob Schey, Tracy Scott (and friend Tom).
Lifeguard Paul (PK).
Yet another 75th birthday luncheon for Chuck at Mike Meany's; above minus Tracy plus Mike.
08/29/09 Arnold CA Tom's annual BLS men's tennis lunch: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Lloyd Loeffler, Mike Meany [, Steve Ness]; also Elaine Staben.
09/01/09 San Francisco Spider web next to stairs by back deck at home.
First Lowell girls tennis match of year vs. Tam HS at Lowell: SEN, Karen Etin, Nina, Jimmy Rosenheim, etc.
09/03/09 San Francisco Downtown San Francisco at sunset from Beacon Street, at top of Harry steps.
09/04/09 San Francisco Costumed girls before Lowell dance: Mattie Armstrong, Rachel Baskin, Johanna Kanes, SEN.
SAN/BSN, Isu Fang.
09/11/09 San Francisco Lowell girls tennis match vs. Saint Ignatius at Lowell: SEN, Karen Etin, Jimmy Rosenheim, etc.
09/20/09 San Francisco SEN and Rachel Baskin host sports day / SEN's 18th birthday at Day St. Park.
BSN, SEN, Mattie Armstrong, Rachel Baskin, Alyssa Goldberg, Danielle Goldberg, Shira Kogan, etc.
10/06/09 San Mateo CA Walk with BSN/ASN on Sawyer Camp Trail, next to Crystal Springs reservoir, including deer.
10/12/09 Burlingame CA Lowell girls tennis vs. Burlingame HS.
10/19/09 Menlo Park CA Lowell girls tennis vs. Menlo Atherton HS, eventually rained out.
10/23/09 San Francisco Lowell girls tennis defeats Washington 7-0 at GGP to win All City sectional championship.
Karen Etin (1s), Nina Liu (2s), Amanda Lum (3s), Sally Ness (4s), Nancy Hung & Amy Yee (1d), Maria Klionski & Rahwa Gabrisellassie (2d), Shannon Chen & Diana Cheng (3d); Jimmy Rosenheim (coach).
10/24/09 San Francisco Lowell Senior Boat dance: Rachel Baskin, SEN, Justin Castro, Austin Fish.
10/25/09 San Francisco Floral +7 macro closeups on back deck.
10/26/09 San Francisco Tom Angelo's swearing-in to Federal Labor Impasse Panel at FLRA, 901 Market Street.
Tom, Marilyn, Joe Angelo; Stefanie Arthur, Pat Baran, BSN, Jean Perata, Lisa Vandenberg, others.
10/27/09 Napa CA Napa Wine Train with BSN.
10/30/09 San Francisco All City individual championships at GGP.
Karen Etin wins singles champtionship, Nina Liu wins singles third place. Amanda Lum and Sally Ness win doubles championship 6-0, 6-1 over Lowell JV team.
10/31/09 Stanford CA Halloween pumpkins at Matt Kahn's, year 7. See also previous years: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
p0dd.jpg are taken with Canon S5 IS (8 MP), p1dd.jpg are taken with Olympus C740 UZ (3 MP); see readme.txt.
11/10/09 Northbrook IL File System Labs office and lab, including 3D printer and objects. [Olympus C740 UZ]
11/15/09 San Francisco U-High 1964 reunion lunch at Judy (Moran) Williamson's apartment:
Mary (Johnson) & Nino Andriani, Bari & Steve Ness, Kay (Putnam) & Mark Noguchi, Jim Stanford, Judy (Moran) Williamson.
11/16/09 Los Gatos CA Dorice & Mike Sharp with Alexander and Genna at Vasona Lake Park, Los Gatos.
11/20/09 Oakley CA NorCal girl's tennis team championships. Lowell defeated Live Oak 6-1, then (much later, due to rain) lost to Mission San Jose 2-5.
Karen Etin (1s), Nina Liu (2s), Amanda Lum (3s), Sally Ness (4s), Nancy Hung & Amy Yee (1d), Maria Klionski & Rahwa Gabrisellassie (2d), Shannon Chen & Diana Cheng (3d); Jimmy Rosenheim (coach).
11/21/09 Stanford CA SAIL walkabout at Arastradero Open Space preserve. Champagne toast at former site of Stanford AI Lab. Lunch at Rosotti's.
11/22/09 Stanford CA SAIL reunion at Gates B01, Stanford. McCarthy medal winners:
Bruce Baumgart, Bruce Buchanan, John Chowning, Whit Diffie, Les Earnest, Ralph Gorin, Tony Hearn, Vic Scheinman, Dan Swinehart, Larry Testler, Martin Frost, Phil Petit, Steve Russell, Lynn Quam. Also: Raj Reddy, Ed Feigenbaum, John McCarthy.
12/02/09 San Francisco Fun with Lego-like boxes, for Bob. [Olympus C740 UZ]
12/12/09 Sacramento CA Hanukkah at Alan & Lee's: ALS/LHS, HWS/MKS, SAN/BSN/SEN, JLS/Jake, Amanda/Patrick/Archer.
Alan & Lee's new RV in the heavy rain.
12/16/09 Santa Clara CA TriMedia reunion lunch at Mexicali Grill. In group photo, left to right: Frank Drobot, Rudy Wang, Renga Sundararajan, Torsten Fink, Ruth Dref, Fahim Shafi, Phil Kemp, David Hartley, Bas Aarts, Eric Vannier, Hagen Last.
12/18/09 San Francisco Lowell Winter Ball: Justine Fox, Alyssa Goldberg, Johanna Kanes, SEN, Alina Werth.
12/19/09 Sonoma CA Late afternoon vineyard walk near Rooneys.
12/22/09 Eureka CA At Michele and Ed's: interiors, flowers and garden including orchid macro closeups, florescent lights.