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2/21/09 Guerneville Tour of Korbel winery with Maureen and Charles Rooney.
3/28/09 Woodside Flowers at Filoli Spring Fling. See also 4/26/09.
3/29/09 SF Test images for macro lenses (Lincoln's eye from $5 bill).
Palace of the Legion of Honor.
3/30/09 SF SF working at her laptop with Circus Bear.
Handheld Samsung HDTV images at bedroom, just foolin' around.
4/05/09 Cottage Springs
Bear Valley
Snowy Sierra spring landscapes, including panoramas at Cottage Springs
and at Bear Valley.
Geese and ducks at White Pines Lake.
4/06/09 Arnold
Angels Camp
Deer at cabin driveway, including Rudolph.
Downtown Murphys.
Altaville Protestant Cemetery: gravestones and flowers.
4/07/09 Murphys Main Street Murphys at 7:30, without cars.
4/11/09 SF Noe Valley flowers, mostly closeups with +7 macro lenses.
Start in our backyard (including cut flower bouquet), then corner of 29th/Castro to Valley (bees!) to Noe to 27th to 29th.
4/12/09 SF More Noe Valley flowers as above, mostly closeups with +7 macro lenses.
Down 29th to Noe to Valley to Sanchez to 24th to Noe to Army stairs to Duncan.
A couple long shots of downtown SF and Bay Bridge from Duncan and Castro.
4/18/09 SF SEN and friends with limo en route to Lowell Junior Prom [l to r]:
Timothy Crowley, Saif Shaikh, Kati Stubblebein, Johanna Kanes, Justine Fox, SEN, Rachel Baskin, Justin Bettman, Yonatan Rotman.
4/26/09 Woodside Flowers at Filoli again, this time almost all +7 macro closeups. See also 3/28/09.
5/10/09 Sacramento Mothers Day 2009 at Lee & Alan's beautiful garden.
ALS/LHS, Amanda/Pat/Archer, JLS/Debra/Alyssa/Jake, MKS/HWS/Will, BSN[/SAN].
5/13/09 SF SPI SP2X tapeout celebration aboard Bay Lady on SF Bay: Bay Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz.
Also: Rincon Center #1, Cupid's Span, AT&T Park.
5/17/09 San Francisco Walk in downtown SF with ASN/BSN/[SAN] and Nicolas Tzortzis:
Powell Street, Grant Avenue / Chinatown, Coit Tower, Embarcadero.
5/24/09 Arnold Tennis ball (for BLS tennis webpage).
6/05/09 SF Embarcadero and Bay Bridge. SF Opera Tosca with Stefanie at AT&T Park.
[Camera: Olympus C740UZ. Batteries had run down, so I reset date, but it came up with some funny white balance setting, resulting in very odd coloration for pictures p01-p38.]
6/12/09 SF SEN and Jessica Fields in Star Dance recital at Herbst Theater. Includes three short .avi movies as tests, remarkably successful.
6/13/09 Alamo Justin Castro's high school graduation party at Debbie and Norma's.
The usual suspects: Castros (Debbie/Norma/Justin/Allie), Mogannems (Rana/Emile/Hannah/Shannon/Isaq), Fishes (Janet/Justin/Amanda), Jacklyn and Karen.
6/14/09 Healdsburg Around Healdsburg Plaza, Luis Burgos sculpture Desert Bloom at school, bridges across Russian River, abandoned railroad tracks, closeups of flowers, sculpture at Davis Family Vineyards.
6/25/09 Arnold Macro +7 closeups of flowers at Snowflake Lodge. Unfortunate vignetting at corners, probably because I put the macro lenses on over the ND filter rather than removing the filter.
6/26/09 SF Ali Akbar Khan: LP covers, CD covers, program scans for memorial web page.
7/14/09 Kingsburg
BSN with giant Sun Maid Raisin box at Sun Maid factory.
Downtown Visalia, notably Fox theater.
7/15/09 Venice Venice beach, including panorama. Venice canals and flowers.
7/16/09 Venice
Santa Monica
Pac. Palisades
Venice canals, including flowers.
Robot Maria from Metropolis in window of Jadis on Main Street.
Getty Villa Malibu.
7/17/09 Santa Monica
Los Angeles
Odd sculpture on CVS drugstore on Main Street.
Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehrey.
7/18/09 Pasadena Old Pasadena, including Green Apartments. Norton Simon Museum; see also earlier 12/29/05 pix, remarkably similar. Orchid at Debra and Jay's.
7/19/09 San Marino The Huntington Library, Gallery, and Botanical Gardens.
7/21/09 Mammoth
Mono Lake
Gondola to top of Mammoth Mountain, with panoramas.
South tufa at Mono Lake, with panoramas.
Ghost town Bodie, with panorama of Sierra outside of town.
7/24/09 Arnold Tennis group potluck dinner at Don & Linda Stebbins', including baby Stellar's Jays in nest.
7/27/09 Sunnyvale SAN's cubicle and labs at SPI on moveout day.
8/02/09 Murphys E.C.V. plaque with bird's nest on top.
8/08/09 Arnold BSN [/SAN], ALS/LHS, Amanda/Pat/Archer at White Pines Lake beach.
8/21/09 Arnold BLS men's tennis at Snowshoe: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Jim Held, Lloyd Loeffler, Bob Schey, Tracy Scott (and friend Tom).
Lifeguard Paul (PK).
Yet another 75th birthday luncheon for Chuck at Mike Meany's; above minus Tracy plus Mike.
8/29/09 Arnold Tom's annual BLS men's tennis lunch: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Lloyd Loeffler, Mike Meany [, Steve Ness]; also Elaine Staben.
9/01/09 SF Spider web next to stairs by back deck at home.
First Lowell girls tennis match of year vs. Tam HS at Lowell: SEN, Karen Etin, Nina, Jimmy Rosenheim, etc.
9/03/09 SF Downtown SF at sunset from Beacon Street, at top of Harry steps.
9/04/09 SF Costumed girls before Lowell dance: Mattie Armstrong, Rachel Baskin, Johanna Kanes, SEN.
SAN/BSN, Isu Fang.
9/11/09 SF Lowell girls tennis match vs. Saint Ignatius at Lowell: SEN, Karen Etin, Jimmy Rosenheim, etc.
9/20/09 SF SEN and Rachel Baskin host sports day / SEN's 18th birthday at Day St. Park.
BSN, SEN, Mattie Armstrong, Rachel Baskin, Alyssa Goldberg, Danielle Goldberg, Shira Kogan, etc.
10/06/09 San Mateo Walk with BSN/ASN on Sawyer Camp Trail, next to Crystal Springs reservoir, including deer.
10/12/09 Burlingame Lowell girls tennis vs. Burlingame HS.
10/19/09 Menlo Park Lowell girls tennis vs. Menlo Atherton HS, eventually rained out.
10/23/09 San Francisco Lowell girls tennis defeats Washington 7-0 at GGP to win All City sectional championship.
Karen Etin (1s), Nina Liu (2s), Amanda Lum (3s), Sally Ness (4s), Nancy Hung & Amy Yee (1d), Maria Klionski & Rahwa Gabrisellassie (2d), Shannon Chen & Diana Cheng (3d); Jimmy Rosenheim (coach).
10/24/09 San Francisco Lowell Senior Boat dance: Rachel Baskin, SEN, Justin Castro, Austin Fish.
10/25/09 San Francisco Floral +7 macro closeups on back deck.
10/26/09 San Francisco Tom Angelo's swearing-in to Federal Labor Impasse Panel at FLRA, 901 Market Street.
Tom, Marilyn, Joe Angelo; Stefanie Arthur, Pat Baran, BSN, Jean Perata, Lisa Vandenberg, others.
10/27/09 Napa Napa Wine Train with BSN.
10/30/09 San Francisco All City individual championships at GGP.
Karen Etin wins singles champtionship, Nina Liu wins singles third place. Amanda Lum and Sally Ness win doubles championship 6-0, 6-1 over Lowell JV team.
10/31/09 Stanford Halloween pumpkins at Matt Kahn's, year 7. See also previous years: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
p0dd.jpg are taken with Canon S5 IS (8 MP), p1dd.jpg are taken with Olympus C740 UZ (3 MP); see readme.txt.
11/10/09 Northbrook IL File System Labs office and lab, including 3D printer and objects. [Olympus C740 UZ]
11/15/09 San Francisco U-High 1964 reunion lunch at Judy (Moran) Williamson's apartment:
Mary (Johnson) & Nino Andriani, Bari & Steve Ness, Kay (Putnam) & Mark Noguchi, Jim Stanford, Judy (Moran) Williamson.
11/16/09 Los Gatos Dorice & Mike Sharp with Alexander and Genna at Vasona Lake Park, Los Gatos.
11/20/09 Oakley NorCal girl's tennis team championships. Lowell defeated Live Oak 6-1, then (much later, due to rain) lost to Mission San Jose 2-5.
Karen Etin (1s), Nina Liu (2s), Amanda Lum (3s), Sally Ness (4s), Nancy Hung & Amy Yee (1d), Maria Klionski & Rahwa Gabrisellassie (2d), Shannon Chen & Diana Cheng (3d); Jimmy Rosenheim (coach).
11/21/09 Stanford SAIL walkabout at Arastradero Open Space preserve. Champagne toast at former site of Stanford AI Lab. Lunch at Rosotti's.
11/22/09 Stanford SAIL reunion at Gates B01, Stanford. McCarthy medal winners:
Bruce Baumgart, Bruce Buchanan, John Chowning, Whit Diffie, Les Earnest, Ralph Gorin, Tony Hearn, Vic Scheinman, Dan Swinehart, Larry Testler, Martin Frost, Phil Petit, Steve Russell, Lynn Quam. Also: Raj Reddy, Ed Feigenbaum, John McCarthy.
12/02/09 San Francisco Fun with Lego-like boxes, for Bob. [Olympus C740 UZ]
12/12/09 Sacramento Hanukkah at Alan & Lee's: ALS/LHS, HWS/MKS, SAN/BSN/SEN, JLS/Jake, Amanda/Patrick/Archer.
Alan & Lee's new RV in the heavy rain.
12/16/09 Santa Clara TriMedia reunion lunch at Mexicali Grill. In group photo, left to right: Frank Drobot, Rudy Wang, Renga Sundararajan, Torsten Fink, Ruth Dref, Fahim Shafi, Phil Kemp, David Hartley, Bas Aarts, Eric Vannier, Hagen Last.
12/18/09 San Francisco Lowell Winter Ball: Justine Fox, Alyssa Goldberg, Johanna Kanes, SEN, Alina Werth.
12/19/09 Sonoma Late afternoon vineyard walk near Rooneys.
12/22/09 Eureka At Michele and Ed's: interiors, flowers and garden including orchid macro closeups, florescent lights.

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