Steve's 1980 photos

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Date Location Description
04/13/80 San Francisco Date: 4/13/1980 SF Bay Bridge walk.
06/15/80 Oakland Date: 6/15/1980
Bari and Steve's wedding at Sequoia Lodge.
06/16/80 Sequoia National Park Dates: 6/16-21/1980.
Bari and Steve's honeymoon at Sequoia National Park.
06/29/80 Marin Date: 6/29/1980
FLRA softball. Stefanie Arthur, Marilyn and Tom Angelo, Nancy Pritikin and Steve. [Badly faded original slides.]
07/27/80 Point Reyes Date: 7/27/1980
On the beach with Howard Stern and Ken Wachter. [Badly faded original slides.]