almanac command

This page implements the COHERENT almanac command using its original data files.

See also:
almanac manual page
Fred Butzen's original C source almanac.c [7/12/88]
Data files almanac.birth, almanac.death, almanac.event [10/26/94]

Enter a month and day (e.g., "Jun 19"):

1623: Blaise Pascal, philosopher & mathematician, Clermond-Ferrand.
1880: W. A. Morrison, typographer, Martinsville, Ohio.
1897: Moe Howard, comic actor, New York City.
1903: Lou Gehrig, Pride of the Yankees, New York City.
St. Romuald, abbot
1846: First official baseball game played, Hoboken, NJ.
1867: Emperor Maximillian executed, Mexico City.
1953: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed.
1961: Kuwait gains independence.