Earthquake/Fire: Valencia St. Hotel

This page shows postcards with images of the Valencia St. Hotel on 4/18-19/1906. Valencia St. Hotel has much more information about the hotel.

weidner_241.png behrendt_238.png behrendt_238a.png
weidner_241_b.png behrendt_238_b.png behrendt_238a_b.png

These cards use a photograph taken by M. Tanron from a second floor window at 18th/Valencia on the morning of 4/18/1906 (earthquake day).

rieder_u05.png rieder_u02.png unknown_59.png
rieder_u05_b.png rieder_u02_b.png unknown_59_b.png

The first two cards were mailed just a month after the earthquake and fire.

charlton_u01.png a_h_1.png
charlton_u01_b.png a_h_1_b.png

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