Chinatown: Stores

The postcards on this page show post-quake views of Chinatown stores. All the Weidner cards are ca. 1908-1910. The Twin Peaks card dates from a decade or so later, though the photo is probably also ca. 1910. The Curteich card is considerably later. Chinatown: Before the Earthquake (1) includes some pre-quake Chinatown views.

twin_peaks_22.png weidner_599.png weidner_598.png
twin_peaks_22_b.png weidner_599_b.png weidner_598_b.png

weidner_592.png weidner_595.png behrendt_235.png
weidner_592_b.png weidner_595_b.png behrendt_235_b.png

mitchell_1845.png curteich_A33567.png
mitchell_1845_b.png curteich_A33567_b.png

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