Hotels: Fairmont Hotel

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The Fairmont Hotel atop Nob Hill was in the final stages of construction when the 1906 earthquake/fire struck. The first three of these pre-quake images look west up California Street, while the fourth looks northwest from Sutter/Grant; two have added post-earthquake captions. California Street Hill shows earlier images, predating the 1903 onset of Fairmont construction.

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The Fairmont remained structurally sound after the earthquake but was heavily damaged by the ensuing fire. The common misspelling "Fairmount" for "Fairmont" appears on all three of these cards and on two other cards above.

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The Fairmont opened in 1907 after repair of earthquake/fire damage.

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Anthony Bourdain called the Fairmont's Tonga Room "the greatest place in the history of the world".

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