Set: Alby

The five cards on this page were sent by the same sender to M./Mme. Alby in Paris. Each has a long note in French in tiny script on the front, signed "Robert". The stamps have been removed from all five cards.

weidner_008b.png weidner_013d.png weidner_147c.png
weidner_008b_b.png weidner_013d_b.png weidner_147c_b.png

The first two cards are both postmarked on 4/30/1904, addressed to Monsieur and Madame Alby, probably the parents of sender Robert. The third is postmarked a month later.

weidner_004a.png weidner_011d.png
weidner_004a_b.png weidner_011d_b.png

These cards were addressed and stamped but are not postmarked.

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