Newman V324

newman_V324.png newman_V324_b.png

Publisher: Newman
Number: V324
Caption: Grant Avenue, Chinatown
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 07/14/1913
Addressee: Mrs Jessie Coates | Ashland | Ohio
Location: Looking W on Washington from Washington Place (Fish Alley, now Wentworth Place) [caption incorrect: not Grant]
Message: San Francisco July 14 Dear Jessie We are all well and seeing all the sights this card will show you one off my trips last to Chinatown it is a wonderful place and so much [... illegible under postmark] why dont you write - Love from all [???] care Jrelle [???]
Note: Another example postmarked 8/11/1910
Postmark: SF 7/14/1913 [PPIE cancellation]
Comments: caption wrong (Washington not Grant)
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