Mitchell 53

mitchell_053.png mitchell_053_b.png

Publisher: Mitchell
Number: 53
Caption: Mission Dolores
Type: Private Mailing Card
Color: b+w
Use: mailed
Date: 05/01/1902
Addressee: Da Maria Izabel do Canto de Barcellos Coelho-Borges, | Rue de Jerns 42, Angra - Terciera , | Azores.
Message: [Front:] May 9, 1902. Many thanks for your postal. Shall be pleased to continue exchange. I am visiting in San Francisco for a few days. Yours truly, Miss Bertha Gaetje 1203 Calhoun St. Fort Wayne, Ind. U.S.A.
Note: Another example postmarked 4/14/1900
Postmark: SF 5/01/1902
Comments: Coelho set
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