Kropp 2229

kropp_2229.png kropp_2229_b.png

Publisher: Kropp
Number: 2229
Caption: Wash. St. near Custom House
Type: undivided back
Color: b+w
Use: mailed
Date: 10/04/1906
Addressee: Mr. Joe Streicher | 300 Aliso Street | Los Angeles | (Cal)
Message: [Front:] Friend Joe: Just received your Postal, come up here and don't wait any longer. Mr. Sieh [?] from the Francis came back yesterday you see they all come back to Frisco. Saw Stiller this morning he quit his job, he showed me your Postal. I wish you would do and pay the taxes for me, and I will give you the money when you come up here Scmieder can give you the location of the lot. Give my best regards to all and let me know if you are coming or not. As every your friend Emil
Postmark: SF 10/04/1906
Comments: Streicher set
See also: note

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