Cardinell-Vincent 5007

cardinell_5007.png cardinell_5007_b.png

Publisher: Cardinell-Vincent
Number: 5007
Caption: A view of the Cliff House
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 09/26/1908
Addressee: Miss Rosa Frobish | Fairbury | Ills. | Livingston Co.
Message: San Francisco Cal Sept 26 / 1908 Miss Rosa Frobish Fairbury We got here on Sept. 24th at Ills. 11:45pm all O.K. and will stay until next Wednesday. and will go to Portland Oregon. I am having a good time here. San Francisco look[s] Bad there are lots of Burned Build- ings left yet. Yours truly L. Frobish
Postmark: SF 9/27/1908 [postmark year illegible but note dated]
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