Bessie Edelstein Katz

This wonderful picture shows the family of Aryeh Hirsch Edelstein (middle row, fourth from left). Aryeh's daughter Bessie Edelstein Katz (middle row, second from left) is the mother of Molly Katz Stolmack and the grandmother of her namesake (via Bessie's Jewish name Brindl) Bari Stolmack Ness. The picture was taken in Poland, probably in Puławy (called New Alexandria during Russian occupation), ca. 1911-1913: not earlier because Isadore, born 2/1908, is at least three in the picture; not later because Bessie and her family emigrated to the US in 6/1913.

According to Katz Family History (password required), Aryeh Hirsch Edelstein had 11 children, of whom 3 died in infancy; the surviving eight are in this picture. Minnie Katz Jurow's legend numbers the children #1 - #8, not including those who died in infancy. Also pictured are daughter Bessie's three eldest children, Aryeh's father, and Aryeh's second wife (name unknown). Aryeh's first wife Sarah Gerstein Edelstein (ca. 1863/1865 - ca. 1904/1906), believed to be the mother of all 11 children, died prior to this picture. Bessie's husband Jacob Katz is not in the picture because he had emigrated to the US in 1909.

Leitcha, Minka, and Bessie and her sons emigrated to the US, where Bessie and Jacob had four more children (Al, Sally, Molly, and Minnie Katz). Chana and Fridel emigrated to Israel. Aryeh, Elka, Gitel, and Isaac died in the holocaust. Shimon died of natural causes. The fate of Aryeh's second wife is unknown.

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