Julia Highum

To date I've found 1880, 1885 (MN), 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, and 1940 records for my grandmother Bertha Julia Highum Ness (1877-1949). Her 1880/1885 records are on the page of her father Peter Highum, and her records from 1900 on are on the page of her husband Anton Ness. She was called Julia, but her census records identify her variously as Julia/Bertha/Bertha J/Bertha Julia. Julia is an Americanization of Guri, the name of her paternal grandmother. Confusingly, she had a younger sister b. 1884 named Bertha Highum.

The 1880 census record book for Arendahl Township / Fillmore County / MN lists Julia (age 2) and her future husband Anton Ness (age 5) on adjacent pages. They must have lived on nearby farms and known one another from early childhood.

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