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This page contains links to Mark Williams Company (MWC) source code and documentation. This material was originally © Mark Williams Company. It is posted here as open source software by the current copyright holder Robert Swartz under a license complying with the Open Source Initiative. This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Open Source Initiative.

Mark Williams Company closed in 1995. In 2001, Bob Swartz asked me to archive the hard drives containing the Mark Williams source repository; the command and system sources here are from that repository. I have long intended to catalog and organize these sources, but in the meantime they are posted here as is. MWC's documentation guru Fred Butzen provided the MWC documentation sources. The .gtz files in these archives are just compressed tar files, now commonly called .tgz.

Caveat utilitor, as Fred would say.


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Source (in compressed tarballs):

This page is dedicated to my incredibly talented colleagues at Mark Williams Company. They're listed in the Preface to the COHERENT manual.