This page contains links to PDF and PostScript versions of the COHERENT manual, generated in September 2012 from the original COHERENT manual sources. The last printed version of the manual was Revision 11 (1994), but the sources include some material that postdates the printed Revision 11. The newly generated versions have not been extensively reviewed - caveat utilitor!

The manual consists of several introductory sections (about 300 pp.) followed by a comprehensive Lexicon (about 1000 pp.) and a detailed index. The sections are listed in order below. The Lexicon articles are also available as manual pages.

The dedication in the Preface quite correctly says "COHERENT is the work of a large number of exceptionally talented people" and then lists them. But the manual itself is primarily the exceptional work of my friend and former colleague Fred Butzen, to whom I dedicate this page. The final paragraph of the copyright page provides some technical details about the generation of the manual; it was far ahead of its time in desktop publishing.

This material was originally © 1994 by Mark Williams Company. It is posted here with the kind permission of Robert Swartz (founder and president of MWC), the current copyright holder.

Complete manual (PDF): COHERENT.pdf
Lexicon manual pages
Individual sections:

Section Page PDF PostScript
Cover .pdf
Copyright .pdf .ps
Table of Contents i .pdf .ps
Preface .pdf .ps
Introduction 1 .pdf .ps
Using the COHERENT System 7 .pdf .ps
Introducing sh, the Bourne Shell 45 .pdf .ps
Introduction to MicroEMACS 59 .pdf .ps
Introduction to the ed Line Editor 85 .pdf .ps
Introduction to the sed Stream Editor 112 .pdf .ps
The C Language 131 .pdf .ps
Introduction to the awk Language 149 .pdf .ps
Introduction to lex, the Lexical Analyzer 169 .pdf .ps
Introduction to yacc 185 .pdf .ps
bc Desk Calculator Language 199 .pdf .ps
Introduction to the m4 Macro Processor 213 .pdf .ps
The Make Programming Discipline 223 .pdf .ps
nroff, the Text-Formatting Language 233 .pdf .ps
UUCP, Remote Communications Utility 275 .pdf .ps
The Lexicon 301 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section ! to ~ 303 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section A 314 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section B 384 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section C 406 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section D 514 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section E 563 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section F 603 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section G 657 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section H 719 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section I 738 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section J 766 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section K 769 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section L 791 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section M 864 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section N 944 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section O 964 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section P 971 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section Q 1024 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section R 1027 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section S 1056 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section T 1190 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section U 1267 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section V 1304 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section W 1333 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section X 1340 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section Y 1341 .pdf .ps
Lexicon section Z 1342 .pdf .ps
Index 1347 .pdf .ps
User Evaluation Report .pdf .ps