Let's C

Let's C C compiler was a software package from Mark Williams Company for IBM PCs running MS-DOS. It cost $75 in 1987. A companion product was csd C Source Debugger. A 1986 advertising flyer for Let's C is here. A November 1987 comparison of Let's C / Microsoft QuickC / Borland Turbo C is here.

My hard copy of the Let's C manual is Rev. 3 from 1987, 6.75" x 8.25", perfect bound, xiii + 473 pp., ISBN 0-927860-03-1. In October 2020, I generated quick-and-dirty PDFs of most sections of the Let's C manual from the original sources in this tarball, scanned some pages from the front and back of my hard copy, and then combined the sections to produce a resurrected Let's C manual as a single large PDF. Fred Butzen reconstructed the as lexicon entry, corrupted in the original source tarball.

This material was originally © 1987 by Mark Williams Company. It is posted here with the kind permission of Robert Swartz (founder and president of MWC), the current copyright holder.

Caveat utilitor: index unedited, not extensively reviewed.


In one PDF: Let's C manual

In separate sections (PDFs):