Chinatown: Tin How Temple

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These cards show pre-quake Tin How Temple ("joss house") at 33 Waverly Place (now 125 Waverly Place). Left: Unknown publisher 31, private mailing card, postmarked SF 10/07/1904. The caption "Chinese Restaurant" is incorrect. A variant Unknown publisher 31 postmarked SF 12/05/1903 shows the same image, with message noting that the writer had supper in the restaurant the previous night; presumably the writer misidenties the location. Next: Unknown publisher 31, private mailing card, addressed but not mailed; same image / stock number / caption but landscape rather than portrait. Next: Weidner 593, same pre-quake image on post-quake postcard ca. 1909. Right: Souvenir Post Card 4634, pre-quake Willard Worden photo © 1906, uncredited here. The post-quake caption correctly notes that the temple was destroyed by the 1906 earthquake/fire, but of course "Leaving nothing but Hole, 100 ft Deep" is pure sensationalism. Another example of this card is postmarked SF 2/26/1907.

Pre-quake Tin How Temple also appears in Müller 14 and in an Arnold Genthe photo.

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Post-quake Tin How Temple exterior (Piltz 70, postmarked SF 7/06/1938) and interior (Piltz 65, postmarked SF 8/21/1943). The top floor also appears on Unknown publisher RPPC.

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