Set: Streicher

The first five cards on this page are from Emile Erhard in San Francisco to his friend Joe Streicher in Los Angeles, each with a lengthy message written on the front. Sent in a one month period five months after the 1906 earthquake, from 9/01/1906 through 10/04/1906, the cards are shown here chronologically. Erhard encourages Streicher to join him in San Francisco, where work is abundant as the city rebuilds. The next two cards are from Fritz Stiewe [?] to Joe Streicher Esq. (though it seems unlikely that Streicher is a lawyer), written in German and mailed in October and December 1906. The final card is from Joe Streicher, postmarked over a year later on 3/14/1908; writing from San Francisco to a friend in Los Angeles, he notes that "I am very satisfied that I came to San Francisco."

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kropp_2229_b.png rieder_042_b.png rieder_004_b.png weidner_001d_b.png

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