Kropp 2223

kropp_2223.png kropp_2223_b.png

Publisher: Kropp
Number: 2223
Caption: New Fairmont Hotel
Type: undivided back
Color: b+w
Use: mailed
Date: 08/17/1906
Addressee: Mr. Joe Streicher | 300 Aliso Street | Los Angeles | (Cal)
Message: [Front:] Received your letter. We have big business, we are getting 2 doll. for 10 hours and 1.50 a day for 8 hours. Weising [?] started this morning and Toch Stiller is still here. Was offered a job as captain at $90 a month, but I don't know what to do I expect to go back over to Los Angeles in a couple of months the place is too big and to much trouble for one. Liely is captain here (from the Palace L.A.) Let me know how everything is doing there Emil
Postmark: SF 8/17/1906
Comments: Streicher set
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