Van Noy Interstate [unnumbered]

van_noy_u01.png van_noy_u01_b.png

Publisher: Van Noy Interstate
Number: [unnumbered]
Caption: Ferry Building and Bay
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 05/21/1923
Addressee: Mr. and Mrs. E. Herwig. | 154 Henry St. | New Britain, | Conn.
Message: This is Ferry Building where all boats come in from Oakland and other places. Have marked our door I come out of each day and take one of the cars on middle track. At night this building is all lighted up with electric lights. All around also all edges of tower - very pretty sight. Still working in San Franciso Hope Children are well also yourselves. Babelle. Am dying to take trip to Los Angeles and thereabouts hope to soon.
Note: Distinctive octagonal logo at back upper left: interlaced {NVI} Co. or transposition.
Postmark: Oakland 5/21/1923

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