Smith News 5P29835

smith_5P29835a.png smith_5P29835a_b.png

Publisher: Smith News
Number: 5P29835
Caption: Chinatown at Night
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 11/12/1967
Addressee: Stolmack | 7844B Glen Arden Dr. | Cincinnati, Ohio | 45237
Message: Hi - We'll 'buy' this area - cant get my boss to build a plant out here. Haven't seen your kids yet. Might do that on Sunday when we are going to Palo Alto. Leave for LA on Monday. Regards Mimi and Al"
Note: Senders: Mimi and Al Katz
Postmark: Palo Alto 11/12/1967
See also: dups

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