Mitchell 40

mitchell_040a.png mitchell_040a_b.png

Publisher: Mitchell
Number: 40
Caption: Cliff House and Beach
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 01/12/1916
Addressee: Mrs. E. Berkley | 9155 S. Oak St. | Trinidad | Colo.
Message: Dear Sis: - Why don't you write ever I looked for a letter to-day but none came. I had one from Frank yestereday, guess he is rather lonely. I wonder what B.F. think about it I supppose he knows I am gone This is a picture of the Beach we were out there Sunday afternoon It is Grand I sure liked it. How is my dear little kiddies tell them Auntie thinks of them every day Love to you and Everett.
Note: Another Mitchell 40 postmarked SF 7/20/1908 is same image with Cliff House #3 rather than #4
Postmark: SF 1/12/1910
Comments: different than earlier Mitchell 40
See also: dups note note

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