Cliff House from Ocean Beach

Edward Mitchell often reused a stock number for a postcard showing a different image (sometimes even showing a different subject), as well as producing variant versions using a given image. The seven Cliff House cards on this page are all Mitchell 40, but they display three different images. An earlier Mitchell 40 PMC displays yet another Cliff House image.


mitchell_040f.png mitchell_040d.png mitchell_040c.png mitchell_040b.png
mitchell_040f_b.png mitchell_040d_b.png mitchell_040c_b.png mitchell_040b_b.png

These Mitchell 40 variants all use a popular image © 1902 by Charles Weidner. Cliff House from Ocean Beach shows cards from many other publishers using the same image.

mitchell_040a.png mitchell_040e.png
mitchell_040a_b.png mitchell_040e_b.png

On these cards, an artist-modified image replaces Cliff House #3 with Cliff House #4; see Cliff House from Ocean Beach.

In summary, this page shows seven Michell 40 variants:

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