This page lists the ten thatas (thats, thaats) of Bhatkhande's raga classification system. Joep Bor's The Raga Guide presents a good summary of the serious shortcomings of this system. Some thatas correspond to medieval church modes, as noted below.

n name mode comment
I Kalyana S R G M P D N S' lydian
II Bilaval S R G m P D N S' ionian
III Khammaja S R G m P D n S' mixolydian
IV Bhairava S r G m P d N S' 'double harmonic' per Wikipedia
V Bhairavi S r g m P d n S' phrygian
VI Yavanapuri S R g m P d n S' aeolian Bhatkande: Asavari
VII Todi S r g M P d N S'
VIII Shri S r G M P d N S' 'Hungarian minor' per Wikipedia; Bhatkande: Poorvi
IX Marava S r G M P D N S'
X Kafi S R g m P D n S' dorian
locrian no equivalent thaat

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