Indian LPs

This page lists my 72 Indian LPs, a few Carnatic but mostly Hindustani. This list should include raga names (and perhaps instrument names) but currently does not. The original sources offer differ on transliteration of names of artists and of ragas. I've tried to make them more consistent, usually noting variants in the comments field. I've ripped digital copies of a few of these and downloaded digitial copies of a few more.

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album artist percussion catalog date ripped dload comments
Anthology of Indian Music V.1 WP WDS-26200 100123 3 LPs; multiple artists; only 1 side ripped
Classical Music of India Nonesuch H-27014 multiple artists; electronically re-channeled stereo
The Music of India Balachander, S. Sivaraman Nonesuch H-72003
Magic Music from South India Balachander, S. Sivaraman WP 1426 1963
S. Balachander Balachander, S. Sankaran, Trichy Odeon S-MOCE 1188 1969 100123
Nikhil Banerjee Banerjee, Nikhil Dutta, Kanai Odeon S-MOAE 155 1966 190508 190526 jacket: Kanai Dutt
Raga Piloo Banerjee, Nikhil Chaterjee, Anindo Amigo AMLP 822 1975 190508
Celestial Music of India Biswas, Himangshu Mukherjee, Shankar Jhankar VIRA 001 playing santoor (not flute!)
Himangshu Biswas Biswas, Himangshu Chaterjee, Shanka Odeon S-MOCE 1068 1967 100123 190520 flute
Sitar and Flute Biswas/Bose, H./Jaya Hussain, Afaq Odeon S-MOCE 1090 1968 190517 flute/sitar
Flute Recital Chaurasia, Hariprasad Popatkar, Manikrao Odeon S-MOCE 1152 1968 190526
Dagar Brothers Dagar, N.M./N.A. Patwardhan, S.V. Odeon MOAE 135 1965 121226
Indian Street Music Das, PC/L/S/HK Das, Jiban Nonesuch H-72035
Pannalal Ghosh Ghosh, Pannalal Odeon EALP 1252
Pannalal Ghosh Ghosh, Pannalal Odeon EALP 1354 1970
When a God Dances Gopals, Ram Philips PCC 631
kalpana / improvisations Gupta, Mrinal Sen Khan, Lateef Ahmed Nonesuch H-72022
Pandit Jasraj Jasraj, Pandit Hussain, Zakir Oriental BGRP 1029
Bhimsen Joshi Joshi, Bhimsen Odeon MOAE 129 1963 100123
Bhimsen Joshi Joshi, Bhimsen Nageshkar, Shripad Odeon S-MOAE 5010 1968 100123
Two Raga Moods on Guitar Kabra, Brij Bhushan WP WPS-21452
Khansahib Abdul Karim Khan Khan, Abdul Karim Odeon MOAE 144 1966 121226 190524
Morning and Evening Ragas Khan, Ali Akbar Misra, Mahapurush CS 1766 1966 190526
Master Musician of India Khan, Ali Akbar Misra, Mahapurush CS 462 1966 190517
Predawn to Sunrise Ragas Khan, Ali Akbar Misra, Mahapurush CS 1967 1967 171213 190526
Ali Akbar Khan Khan, Ali Akbar Ghosh, Shankar Odeon S-MOAE 168 1967
The Forty Minute Raga Khan, Ali Akbar Misra, Mahapurush CS 2008 1968
Shree Rag Khan, Ali Akbar Ghosh, Shankar CS 2015 1969 100123 190526
The Eighty Minute Raga Khan, Ali Akbar Misra, Mahapurush CS 2012 1969 2 LPs
Ragmala Khan, Ali Akbar Misra, Mahapurush CS 2011 1969
Bangla Desh Khan, Ali Akbar Ghosh, Shankar CS 2042 1972 190517
Music for Meditation Khan, Ali Akbar CS 2063 1974 190521
Great Master Great Music Khan, Allauddin EMI ECLP 2757 1976
Ameer Khan Khan, Ameer Odeon MOAE 103
Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali Odeon MOAE 105 121226
Padma Bhooshan Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali Odeon MOAE 5004 1968
Shehnai Nawaz Khan, Bismillah Odeon MOAE 170 1966
Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sahib Khan, Faiyaz Odeon MOAE 131 1965 190520
Ustad Halim Jaffar Khan Khan, Halim Jaffar Prasad, Samta Odeon MOCE 1046 1962 190522 jacket: Santa Prasad
Rajdulari Aliakbar Khan Khan, Rajdulari Aliakbar Misra, Mahapurush CS 2004 1967
Vilayat Khan Khan, Vilayat Prasad, Samta Odeon PALP 1946 1962 no dust jacket; British pressing; label: Shanta Prasad
AAKhan / Nikhil Banerjee Khan/Banerjee, AA/N Misra, Mahapurush CS 2055 1973 100123
Sitar/Guitar Duet Khan/Kabra, Rais/BB Odeon S-MOCE 1206 1972
Duets from India Khan/Khan, Vilayat/Bis. Prasad, Samta Capitol ST 10483 jacket: Shanta Prasad
Ethereal Duet Khan/Subramaniam, AA/L Hussain, Zakir Ganesh DRLS 4002
Sitar Music of India Kumar, Kartick Patwardhan, S.V. DG 136551
Indian Drums Misra, Mahapurursh CS 1466 1966
The Trandscendental Tal Misra, Mahapurursh CS 2001 1967
Sarangi Narayan, Ram Misra, Mahapurush Nonesuch H-72030
dhyanam / meditation Narayanaswamy, K.V. Raghu, Palghat Nonesuch H-72018
Earth Groove Prannath, Pandit Douglas SD 784
Pandit Yeshwantrai Purohit Purohit, Yeshwantrai Odeon MOAE 162 1965
Master Drummers of India Rakha, Alla Olympic 6180 many artists
Music of India Rani, Sharan Lal, Chatur WP 1418 1962
The Pulse of Tanam Rao, M. Nageswara Nonesuch H-72032
Vijay Raghav Rao Rao, Vijay Raghav Popatkar, Manikrao Odeon MOCE 1089 1968
Master of the Bamboo Flute Sachdev, G.S. Hussain, Zakir Unity UR 500 1975
Festival from India Shankar, Ravi Rakha, Alla WP WDS-26201 100123 2 LPs
The Sounds of India Shankar, Ravi Lal, Chatur Columbia CS 9296 electronically re-channeled stereo
A Morning Raga/An Evening Raga Shankar, Ravi Rakha, Alla WP WPS-21464 121226
Sound of the Sitar Shankar, Ravi Rakha, Alla WP WPS-21434
portrait of genius Shankar, Ravi Rakha, Alla WP WPS-1432
In Concert Shankar, Ravi Dutta, Kanai WP WPS-1421 1962 still factory sealed
India's Master Musician Shankar, Ravi Lal, Chatur WP WPS-1422 1963
West Meets East Shankar, Ravi Rakha, Alla Angel 36418 1966 with Yehudi Menuin
East Greets East Shankar, Ravi Rakha, Alla DG 2531381 1978
Exotic Sitar & Sarod Shankar/Khan, Ravi/AA Rakha, Alla Capitol T10497 jacket: Ali Akbar Kahn
Master Musicians of India Shankar/Khan, Ravi/AA Dutta, Kanai Prestige 1078 1964 jacket: Kanall Dutta
Shivkumar Sharma Sharma, Shivkumar Lal, Krishna Odeon MOCE-1088 1967
Shivkumar Plays Santoor Sharma, Shivkumar Rakha, Alla Bainbridge RSD-2 1981
bhavalu / impressions Subramaniam, V.V. Raghu, Palghat Nonesuch H-72019
South Indian Flute Viswanathan, T. Ranganathan, T. WP WPS-21451 190526

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