Steve's 2005 photos

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Date Location Description
01/13/05 San Francisco SFDS girls JV basketball at Brandeis Hillel Day School. SEN, Jessica Sykes, Becca Atkinson.
01/29/05 Brisbane CA Tali's bat mizvah party at Brisbane Community Center.
02/01/05 San Francisco SFDS girls JV basketball vs. Sacred Heart at SFDS, including short video of warm-up.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
02/02/05 San Francisco SFDS girls JV basketball vs. FAIS at FAIS, including video of opening tip-off.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
02/04/05 San Francisco SFDS Concert for Community; everybody but Sally (battery died).
02/20/05 Manhattan NY First day in NYC. Sally's first NY slice (for breakfast!), Carnegie and environs. Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "Gates of Central Park", including bad panoramas from the Sheep Meadow. Belvedere Fountain. Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields. The Dakota. Columbus Circle at night.
02/21/05 Manhattan NY Carnegie and environs. Gates, after fresh snowfall on preceding night. Tom Otterness' great sculptures in W 14th Street stop of 8th Ave. subway. Segal sculpture at Christopher Street with DN/BSN/SEN. Washington Square arch. Gandhi statue at Union Square. Grand Central interiors. Fifth Avenue. Rockefeller Center. Gates at dusk from Jeffrey's 22nd-floor apartment on CPS. Times Square at night.
02/22/05 Manhattan NY Gates with SEN. Guggenheim and Central Park with Sally and Maggie Bird. Washington Square at night with DWN and SEN.
02/23/05 Manhattan NY Times Square during day. MOMA.
02/24/05 Manhattan NY Signs at City Hall. City Hall fountain. Sally with Wall Street bull. WTC memorial at Battery Park. Bull and bear in subway station. Gates as sunset approaches, snow starting to fall. Greenwich Village at night in snow. Central Park and the Gates at night in snow with SEN.
02/25/05 Manhattan NY Gates after snow the preceding night, including panoramas.
02/26/05 Manhattan NY Last day at the Gates with BSN/SEN.
03/03/05 Seoul KOR In transit at Seoul Incheon Airport, ca. 5pm local time.
03/04/05 Singapore SG View from hotel room at Singapore Changi Airport.
03/05/05 Delhi IND Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk and Lal Qila from Jama Masjid, Humayun's tomb.
03/06/05 Varanasi IND Rural life on drive from airport. View from Auj's roof, including panorama over Ganga at dusk.
03/07/05 Varanasi IND Dhrupad Mela . Hindu temple at Benares Hindu University. Dhrupad Mela (second night).
03/08/05 Varanasi IND Sunrise over Gangaji, Tulsi Ghat and Assi Ghat, Dhrupad Mela (morning of second night). Monkeys at Tulsi Ghat. Street en route to Wisconsin program house. Auj with tampura and tabla. View from program house roof.
03/09/05 Varanasi IND Street scenes from car en route to airport.
03/10/05 Mumbai IND Vegetable market, booksellers row, Victoria Terminus.
03/11/05 Mumbai IND Taj Hotel and Gateway of India. Elephanta, including monkeys. Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach.
03/12/05 Mumbai IND Bombay street scenes. Hanging Gardens, views of Chowpatty from Malabar Hill. Crossroads Shopping Center. Haji Ali's tomb and mosque.
03/13/05 Mumbai IND
Udaipur IND
Street scenes en route to airport, Mumbai from airplane.
City Palace at night.
03/14/05 Udaipur IND Swarup Sagar (dry). Jagish Temple, Moslem funeral traffic jam. City Palace, Lake Palace Hotel (dry). Electrical transformers.
03/15/05 Jaipur IND Bissau Palace hotel room. Old city streets near Chandpol. City Palace and Jantar Mantar (royal observatory).
03/16/05 Jaipur IND Amber Palace, including panoramas. Hanuman langurs (no, they're not lemurs)! Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal views, cenotaphs.
03/17/05 Jaipur IND City views from hilltop temple, including panorama. Monkey Temple. Short video of driving in Old City.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
03/19/05 Delhi IND Lal Qila (Red Fort). Street life. Jantar Mantar. Connaught Place (CP).
03/20/05 Agra IND Lal Qila (Agra Fort) including panoramas. Taj Mahal, including more panoramas.
03/21/05 Agra IND Taj Mahal, including panoramas. Lunch at rooftop restaurant.
03/22/05 Delhi IND 12th century Qutb Minar, including including panoramas at mosque. Several short videos of driving around.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
03/25/05 San Francisco Phil Sleeper awards trophys after doubles tournament at GGP. Sally and Nina: first place, girls' 14 and under (and boys' too!).
03/30/05 San Francisco Bari headshots in the garden, for Michael's radio gig.
04/04/05 Arnold CA Bari and Sally on walk near cabin; bears in snow.
04/07/05 Arnold CA Cabin and Woody Bear in snow.
04/23/05 San Francisco Passover at home: SAN/BSN/SEN, HWS/MKS, ALS/LHS, Minnie/Ruth/Jessie, Chelsea Mattoon.
04/30/05 San Francisco Glenridge reunion at Glen Canyon Park.
05/08/05 Sacramento CA Mother's Day brunch at Lee & Alan's: SAN/BSN/ASN/SEN, HWS/MKS, Pat/Amanda/Archer, Jay.
05/21/05 San Francisco Test photos in office at home.
06/19/05 San Francisco 25th Anniversary dinner at Yianni's.
06/25/05 Arnold CA Calaveras Garden Club garden party at Tom Cahill's.
07/18/05 Arnold CA SAN working on deck ("cubicle") at cabin.
Arnold computer desk from Aislinn.
07/24/05 Murphys CA Independence Hall Quilters show at Kautz Ironstone Vineyards. Lighting and layout much worse than previous years (at Avery Middle School), pictures suffer as a result.
08/15/05 Arnold CA SEN, ASN, HWS, MKS, BSN, Alex Schwartz (and Woody).
08/22/05 Arnold CA Chuck Carlsen's 74th birthday surprise party at Snowflake.
08/27/05 Santa Rosa CA Kate Steiman's wedding at Mark West Lodge, Santa Rosa. Harvey & Carol, Katie & Andras, Ruth Ann Swenson, Dan & Val, Philip.
09/09/05 Arnold CA Tom Cahill's annual tennis BBQ: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Lloyd Loeffler, Mike Meany, Bob Schey.
09/24/05 San Francisco Steve Mattoon's SFDS dad's sports event: Larry Baer, Chuck Elliott, Will Evers, Bob Fields, John Fisher, Ken Johnson, John Lin, Steve Ness; Steve & Allison Mattoon, kids.
10/01/05 San Francisco Sally's 14th birthday party: at home, at Embassy Suites (SFO), dinner at TGIFriday's, and at Embassy Suites again.
Maggie Bird, Jessica Fields, Remy FIsher, Jessie Holtzman, Sophie Lieberman, Chelsea Mattoon, SEN, Sarah Roach, Laura Rothman, Jessica Sikes, Morgan Warner; Alison & Bari.
10/04/05 San Francisco Downtown and sunset from Twin Peaks. Also shot some panoramas, inadvertently deleted during file transfer, oops.
10/31/05 Stanford CA Pumpkins at Matt Kahn's (year 3).
12/25/05 San Francisco Spendid Christmas standing rib roast.
12/28/05 La Canada CA Hannukah celebration at Debra and Jay's: Debra/Jay/Alyssa/Jake, HWS/MKS, BSN/SAN/ASN/DWN/SEN, Al Archuleta, David and Harriet Stolmack, Aunt Francis.
12/29/05 Pasadena CA Norton Simon Museum. See also similar pix from later 7/18/09 visit.