Steve's 2003 photos

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Date Location Description
07/11/03 Arnold CA Ann Kirk and Jessica.
07/12/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: tennis players (Chuck, Jim, Dorothy, Steve Daus), lifeguards.
07/21/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: water polo; Brian, John, Bobbie Owens. Bad water polo movies, before I understood how movie mode on/off worked.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
08/03/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: DWN teaching swimming; tennis courts; sand castle contest, including Sonja, Craig, Ginger, Michael, Audrey, SEN.
08/04/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: water polo, SEN and Hillary.
08/10/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: 8/9/03 tennis players (Lloyd Loeffler, Bob Schey, Steve Daus, Bob Fields, Gene Holman).
8/10/03 Bob/Randi/Jessica/Matthew Fields.
08/11/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: water polo, Lloyd Loeffler, McKenna Pearson, SEN.
08/13/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: water polo.
08/15/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: SEN Halloween bingo with Craig's nieces.
08/19/03 Arnold CA Snowflake Lodge: Judith Daus, Chuck Carlsen, Tom Cahill.
08/24/03 Manhattan NY NYC/NYU with DWN. Wall St./Trinity Church. Lower Manhatten/Statue of Liberty/Battery Park, incl. WTC memorial. Bull monument at Customs House. Woolworth building. Trinity Church and headstones. Cube sculpture at Helmsley building. St. Paul's Chapel. Sculpture near hotel. NYU Hayden Hall 1720 movein: DWN, Dave Hancock, etc.; skyline views.
08/25/03 Manhattan NY South St. Seaport; Seaport Suites Hotel; Brooklyn Bridge with skyline/Chrysler/Empire State/Woolworth/City Hall; City Hall fountain.
08/26/03 Manhattan NY 8/25/03: Washington Square, NYU.
8/26/03: NYSE, Wall Street, Trinity headstones, WTC site.
09/04/03 San Francisco Expendible test images, first pix with Steve's camera.
09/07/03 Arnold CA 9/6/03: Tom Cahill's men's tennis BBQ. Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Jim Held, Lloyd Loeffler, SAN.
09/09/03 San Francisco ASN, BSN as ASN departs for Boston from SFO.
09/11/03 San Francisco 9/10/03: Mattoon construction site. Outer Noe Valley, 29th Street from top of 29th Street.
9/11/03: Bay Bridge, downtown from Castro/Duncan. Golden Gate Park: Conservatory, SEN and Jake Hall at tennis courts. SEN at Twin Peaks.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
09/12/03 San Francisco Golden Gate Heights (15th Avenue/Moraga).
Star Dance Studio: SEN and Micky.
09/16/03 San Francisco Nighttime views of downtown and the Bay Bridge from Twin Peaks and upper Market Street, near Clipper.
09/18/03 Marin County CA Bolinas Lagoon from back road to Mt. Tam. San Francisco and San Francisco Bay from Mt. Tam.
First experiments with bracketing and panorama mode. Attempted to use exposure braketing, but did not understand it; need to hold down shutter button for all bracketed exposures. created by Camedia Master, without much hassle; slick. Initially built pan[123]s with panorama small output (lower resolution), later 10/8/03 rebuilt pan[123]l with large output (high resolution). [10/8/03: Camedia software now does not grok p13.jpg as part 2 of panorama (probably I unintentionally overwrote the original using Gimp), but it fortunately has sufficient overlap to just use p12+p14+p15=pan1l.]
09/21/03 San Francisco SEN's 12th birthday. Presents at home. Dinner & presents with HWS/MKS at Merritt Restaruant, Oakland.
09/24/03 San Francisco GGB from Crissy Field, Palace of Fine Arts.
First successful use of exposure bracketing. Overexposed +0.7 due to inadvertent exposure adjustment setting, older pix dating back some time are also overexposed +0.7.
09/26/03 San Francisco Rosh Hoshana dinner: BSN/SAN/SEN/HWS/MKS/Minnie Jurow/Jessica Sykes.
09/29/03 Daly City CA ERN, dog Tiny and Darlene at Margie's Rest Home.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
10/06/03 Arnold CA 10/5-6/03: SEN at cabin; Woody Bear; chainsaw bears at Fly-In.
10/08/03 San Francisco Downtown from Diamond Heights above Upper Douglass Park.
10/08/03 San Francisco Downtown and outer Noe Valley from top of Billy Goat Hill.
pan1 overexposed; pan2 underexposed; pan3 telephoto overexposed. Camedia software identifies the panorama components appropriately on the thumbnails and seems to knit them together quite seamlessly. Camedia software allows saving panoramas small/medium/large (i.e. different resolutions) and in different formats including different degrees of JPEG compression; probably should avoid saving these in JPEG if additional image manipulation will follow later. Exposure is tricky for panoramas, should lock desired exposure first, probably should use full manual mode (oops, panorama not available in ASM mode; why?)..
10/09/03 San Francisco Skyline from Corona Heights, Blue Angels rehersal, including panoramas.
10/09/03 Marin Headlands CA Marin Headlands: Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco with Canadian Snowbirds rehersal.
Camedia software blows it on several of the GGB panoramas, the cables do not always line up correctly. The same motorboat appears twice in one panorama (once with long wake).
10/10/03 San Francisco Ira and Jack at Douglass Park tennis court. Mission/Noe Valley/downtown from Bernal Heights. Later photos use exposure compensation -1.0, because that looked better on playback, perhaps metering is affected by dying batteries? Previous battery charge was after 9/4/04. Panos
10/11/03 Lodi CA 15th Annual Lodi Juggling Festival at Micke Grove Park, Lodi. SEN at Funderwoods.
10/12/03 San Francisco Fleet Week air show from Bieneman apartment in Pacific Heights, overlooking Lafayette Park: Canadian Snowbirds and Blue Angels.
Batteries died during shooting, presumably the long day of shooting at Lodi (including flash pictures) took a heavy toll.
10/15/03 San Francisco Test images of cloisonne match box holders at different resolutions, see readme.txt for details.
10/16/03 San Francisco Cloisonné matchbox holders. Resolution 1280x960, compression normal (lo-q). Should have used black background rather than gray. These are the test images with black background; 031016a is the complete set of matchbox images with gray background.
10/16/03 San Francisco Cloisonné matchbox holders. See the matchbox holder web page for an an organized view of these.
10/16/03 San Francisco Cloisonné ashtrays.
10/16/03 San Francisco Cloisonné cigarette boxes.
10/16/03 San Francisco Matchbox covers.
10/16/03 San Francisco Downtown with Victorians from Alamo Square.
Panorama, overexposed.
10/18/03 San Francisco Sally's 12th birthday party (belated).
SEN, Jessie Holtzman, Chelsea Mattoon, Sarah Roach, Morgan Warner.
10/21/03 San Francisco Test pic of matchbox cover with black background. But still not right: did this on piano bench, which is reflective black, need to use nonreflective black cloth instead. Light also not great, looks better with diffused full sunlight. Bari jar label.
10/21/03 San Francisco Matchboxes again, this time with black background, cf. 031016d. But as above, need to use nonreflective black cloth instead, and better light.
Cf. also the matchboxes web page.
10/21/03 San Francisco Cloisonné sets.
10/25/03 Sonoma CA Thornton Ranch with Mattoons, Evers, Finns, John Fischer, Johnsons, Rothmans.
House, flowers, panoramas, baseball, lunch, swimming.
10/25/03 San Mateo CA Farewell dinner with Craig and Ginger Hauschildt at Rainbow Pizza, San Mateo.
10/27/03 San Francisco Night pictures from Golden Gate Heights (15th Avenue/Moraga), including experiments with exposure compensation (-0.3, -0.7, -1.0).
10/31/03 San Francisco Downtown from Billy Goat Hill, including panoramas.
Initial exposures wrong (-1.0) due to previous experiments with exposure compensation.
10/31/03 Stanford CA Halloween. Sally's and Steve's pumpkins at home, but then the Stanford Art Department's at Matt Kahn's.
11/02/03 San Francisco Downtown from roof of San Francisco Tennis Club, including panoramas.
11/11/03 Calistoga CA
Yountville CA
Old Bale Mill state historic park near Calistoga.
Sculpture at Domaine Chandon, Yountville.
Night pictures of Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco from Marin Headlands.
11/16/03 Oakland CA Breakfast at Bill & Molly's with Alan & Lee, Jay, BSN/SAN/SEN. Some pix by SEN.
11/19/03 San Francisco Sally's room, per BSN's request.
11/20/03 San Francisco Downtown at night: St. Mary's, City Hall, Davies.
11/21/03 San Francisco Sunset, 15th Avenue at Moraga.
11/22/03 San Francisco Golden Gate Park: Conservatory.
GGP tennis courts: SEN and Eli Wald, mixed doubles tournament.
11/27/03 Eureka CA At Olsgard's, Thanksgiving 2003. Walk to downtown Eureka with BSN/Ed/Michele/Flossie. Olsgard's garden, including panoramas.
11/28/03 Eureka CA Morris Graves Museum, Eureka: interiors, sculpture outside. Sally in funhouse mirror, Old Town Eureka.
12/01/03 Mendocino CA Mendocino on rainy day, including panoramas.
12/08/03 San Francisco Downtown and GGB from Twin Peaks; St. Mary's; downtown and San Francisco Bay from Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower.
pan1 - pan5 from Twin Peaks; pan6 - pan9 from Coit Tower, handheld because tripods not permitted. Due to of the number of panoramas, saved each in small resolution rather than large for initial examination, should later redo any which are decent in large resolution. The handheld panoramas from Coit Tower are not really satisfactory, because the transitions between frames are visible, probably because the horizontal alignment was not quite correct.
12/08/03 San Francisco Downtown and GGB from Twin Peaks at night. First attempt at nighttime panoramas. exposure bias -2.0 resulted in shutter speed 1/2", and the camera does not apply noise reduction when the shutter speed is less than 1". Panos
12/15/03 San Francisco Downtown and GGB from Twin Peaks at night. Like 031208b, but with manual exposure rather than adjusted auto exposure; tried smallest possible aperture (f8) with long shutter times. But (oops!) forgot to turn on noise reduction when changing from night mode to manual mode, which presumably is why some of these are still jittery. And (oops again), don't extend top arm of tripod next time. More nighttime panoramas, but pan[23] are still too jiggly.
12/17/03 San Francisco Downtown and gorgeous sunset from Golden Gate Heights, 14th Avenue at Moraga, including numerous panoramas. Had to leave to pick up Sally just as light was at its best, sadly.
The optical distortion of Golden Gate in the Marin panoramas is interesting. The seams are too evident in the otherwise gorgeous sunset panoramas (pan11 and pan12), and waves present an obvious problem for knitting adjacent frames.
12/18/03 San Francisco Sunset from Golden Gate Heights, 14th Avenue at Moraga. Interesting cloud textures, but not nearly as impressive as previous night 031218.
12/21/03 San Francisco Hanukkah 2003 (part 1, cf. also 031228).
12/20/03 with Ness family (disc shooter warfare).
12/21/03 with more family: Nesses, HWS/MKS, Alan/Lee/Amanda/Pat (some by Sally).
12/25/03 San Francisco [By DWN and SEN] ERN at Margie's. See also DWN's pix.
12/27/03 San Francisco Presidio Golf Club with Rooneys [some pix by SEN]. See also DWN's pix and SEN's pix from same occasion.
12/27/03 San Francisco Twilight, sunset, post-sunset from Twin Peaks, including panoramas.
12/28/03 San Francisco Hanukkah 2003 (part 2, cf. also 031221).
Ness * 5, HWS/MKS, Minnie, Jay/Debra/Alyssa/Jake.