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alan pix by Alan Stolmack
album art album artwork for iTunes
asn pix by ASN
audrey pix by Audrey Larson
baskin pix by Larry Baskin
dat data files to generate slideshows (cf. bin/MakeSlide)
dn pix by DN more pix by DN, not yet cleaned up/indexed
dwn pix by DWN
etc pix imported from elsewhere
[N.B. pix from www are mostly in /www/images]
family family history/scanned pix
friends scanned pix of friends
pnn scanned PNN slides
prints pix cropped to standard aspect ratios for printing
san pix by SAN
scan scanned pix
sen pix by SEN
spi SPI pix
[N.B. from //titan/spi/pictures, but with file and dir names rewhacked for sanity.]
titles slide titles
tmp temporary directory
/www/images images downloaded from www

Subdirectory names yymmdd indicate picture date.
Filenames are rewhacked to pdd.jpg for ASN/DWN/SAN files but are mostly left unchanged for files imported from others.
Filenames with trailing letters (e.g. pdda.jpg) indicate files derived from the corresponding original.
Panoramas (typically pandd.jpg) are stitched with Camedia software; suffix s/m/l means panorama was saved in small/medium/large mode.

Pix taken before 9/03 were downloaded using various PC software (e.g. XP Scanner and Camera Wizard), not preserving file date stamps.
Subsequent pix were copied directly from flash memory to hard disk, preserving date stamps.
The date was not set correctly on Devin's camera prior to 9/03.

Other files

Aspect ratio notes
Photo printing notes
Photo rotation notes
Olympus C-740 UZ camera notes
SAN website photo info page
SAN website camera page
Web-safe colors


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Alexander's camera 1999 Toshiba PDR-5 Maximum 640 x 480 pixels (.35 megapixels).
2MB SmartMedia flash memory, 20 fine or 40 standard images.
f=4.0mm lens, equivalent to 39mm for 35mm camera.
RS232 interface for PC.
Devin's camera 7/03 Olympus C-740 UZ 3.2 megapixels.
128MB xD flash memory (non-Olympus, but Panorama does work, tested 1/04), 160 HQ images.
6.3-63mm 1:2.8-37 lens.
USB interface for PC.
Steve's old camera 9/03 Olympus C-740 UZ Identical to Devin's above (except Olympus brand 128MB xD flash memory). 2/04: 256MB Olympus xD flash memory.
Steve's new camera 12/07 Canon S5 IS 8 megapixels, 12x optical zoom (36-432mm), 2 GB flash memory.
Steve's old tripod 9/03 Velbon CX300 Cheap and effective, but: head does not tilt, no bubble level.
Steve's new tripod 9/09 Digital Concepts Has tilt/pan head and bubble level, also more stable than old tripod.
Scanner 7/03 HP PSC 2210 1200x2400 dpi, 48-bit color.

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