almanac command

This page implements the COHERENT almanac command using its original data files.

See also:
almanac manual page
Fred Butzen's original C source almanac.c [7/12/88]
Data files almanac.birth, almanac.death, almanac.event [10/26/94]

Enter a month and day (e.g., "Jul 16"):

1821: Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, New Hampshire.
1872: Roald Amundsen, Arctic explorer, Borge, Norway.
1918: Tsar Nicholas II and his family, executed by the Bolsheviks.
1953: Hilaire Belloc, journalist & historian, Shipley, Sussex, aged 83.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
1782: Mozart's "Die Entfuehrung aus dem Serail" premieres, Vienna.
1945: Trinity: first atomic bomb exploded, Alamogordo, NM.
1969: Apollo 11 mission launched.